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Category:  Romance

How Emotional Baggage Forms a Wall Around the Heart

By Bradley Nelson

Most people think of the brain as the core of a human being, housing emotions, memories and thoughts, and controlling all bodily functions. But consider this:

* The heart generates 60-to-1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than the brain, making by far it the most powerful organ in the human body.

* When a fetus is in the womb, its heart forms first, before the brain.

* If the heart’s connection to the brain were severed, it would keep right on beating, pumping blood to the rest of the body. No other organs are capable of this.

It is your heart that defines you. Your heart is the core of your being, not your brain.

In the 1970s, a new branch of medicine called neurocardiology was created when scientists discovered that the heart has its own elaborate nervous system. It sends information to the brain and the body with each and every heartbeat.

Fascinating new research proves the heart produces a powerful magnetic field that extends out from the body up to twelve feet in diameter. Using sophisticated magnetic measuring devices, scientists have shown that when one person is feeling love or affection for another person, their heart-waves become instantly measurable in the brain-waves of the other person.

It appears the heart has its own powerful and unique intelligence, which tells us that it’s not simply the organ that pumps our blood and keeps us alive. Take the large number of heart transplant recipients who’ve reported incredible changes after transplant surgery. There have been reports of odd new cravings, handwriting changes, musical preferences, and even strange new memories that don’t seem to be their own. These are simply transplanted along with the heart, and the recipient experiences them as if they were his own, just like the heart’s previous owner did.

Scientifically speaking, these cravings, preferences and memories are made of energy, just as all other things around us are. Emotions are no different. Emotions like “heartache” and “heartbreak”, describe the physical sensations that occur in the heart during strong emotional situations; they are made of pure energy, and named after their physical effects on the body. In fact such as “anger”, “grief” and “fear,” often get stuck in the body’s energy field; these are called Trapped Emotions. When Trapped Emotions gather around the heart, they form what is called a Heart-Wall, a protective energetic barrier created by the subconscious mind. Heart-Walls are invisible, just like ultraviolet light or the vast majority of the electromagnetic spectrum, but their energy is very real and quite powerful, and can have an incredible effect on people’s lives.

So the phrase “putting up a wall” actually has a basis in reality! Heart-Walls are protective, but the problem is this: the wall is made up of negative emotions- negative energy. Because of this, anyone with a Heart-Wall can’t give or receive love fully, since all messages coming into the heart or going out are muffled by the negative energy of the Trapped Emotions. Someone could be sending out pure love to you, but that love has to somehow get past the barrier of “sadness” and “anger” that envelops your heart. As a result, the message gets muddled, and you can go through your entire life without feeling what it really is to love with all your heart, or even simply identify with others. You could be continually insulated from other people forever, even your own family.

Heart-Walls are responsible for a host of problems. They cause depression, divorce, abuse, misunderstanding, and even prejudice, hatred and brutality. On a global scale, Heart-Walls lead to ethnic cleansing, nation against nation, terrorism, and war. Our world could be a much different place if all people could feel pure love without the muffling barrier of the Heart-Wall!

Like so many of our natural defenses, a Heart-Wall can be helpful, but only in the short-term. The subconscious automatically creates the Heart-Wall to protect you from unbearable emotional pain. But until you get rid of it, your heart will be somewhat blocked and you’ll be less able to reach out and connect with people – even the ones you love most. If your city is being bombed, it’s a good idea to hide out in a bunker until it’s all over. But you wouldn’t want to live there permanently, or you’d miss out on life! The same is true for your Heart-Wall. No matter how valuable it was when created, you will live a happier, more full life when you can rid yourself of its negative energy. Releasing the Heart-Wall can truly make the difference between living a life of disappointment, and living happily ever after.

About the Author: Dr. Bradley Nelson is a holistic physician, author and lecturer who travels the country teaching The Emotion Code, a self-help program he created to release Trapped Emotions and the Heart-Wall. Listen to interviews, profound healing stories, get health tips and more at


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Category:  Romance

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