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Work Clothes On Your Dreams

By Kathy Gates

Havenít you often wondered why some people are able to transform their lives and move from one success to another, while other peopleís lives never seem to change?

Studies show that the difference is not intelligence, education, or family background. And we all seem to know people who have tremendous advantages and throw them away, and others who start with nothing and then go on to achieve great things.

So what is it? Hereís the secret: People who are successful at getting what they want out of life-- big or small-- are able to hold two very different images in their minds at the same time.

They are able to clearly see a long-term goal that is important and exciting to them (aka "the pull").

And based on that picture, they focus on the daily steps and tasks that are immediately in front of them.

Benjamin Franklin said, "Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes". Without putting "work clothes" on your dreams, they just stay a nice thought, a wish.

To achieve great things, you must be able to have a long term perspective and a short term focus. That combination can be found in a success formula that is common in Life Coaching: SUCCESS = DESIRE + DECISIONS + DEDICATION.

Putting work clothes on your dreams includes:

* Identify your goal clearly and specifically -- DESIRE *Assign a time frame for achieving it -- DECISIONS * Measure your progress regularly and record your progress -- DEDICATION

Letís look at those a little closer.

First of all, think about kids who want to drive, or when they want to go on a ski trip with their friends. They donít stop trying, begging, working, learning, planning, pursuing, arguing, even demanding until they get it. Thatís incredible DESIRE.

What is your heartís desire?

Second, people who are successful at getting what they want are also willing to make tough decisions. They commit their time, resources, and energy. They learn new methods, and apply what they learn.

Consider the Olympic athletes who make a clear decision, and then work tirelessly on making it happen. They willingly decide to postpone sleep, give up time with friends and family, hold off on vacations or relationships.

In contrast, how often do you just hope and wish and wonder - and maybe even plan -- but never really DECIDE to make it happen? Put some work clothes on your dreams by deciding that youíll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Finally, people who are successful in getting what they want in the long term are completely focused on the short-term actions. They are totally committed to today, the present. They are reading books, practicing, trying, adapting, always ready to take the next step. They practice daily DEDICATION, moving one step at a time toward their goal.

The power comes from the actions you are willing to take. Put some work clothes on your dreams by taking daily actions that lead you toward the life that you want to live.

The key to your future is a long term perspective, combined with a dedicated, short term focus on ACTION! Put some work clothes on your dreams by writing your own Success Formula. Get started today!

Kathy Gates is a Professional Life Coach in Scottsdale Arizona. What is Life Coaching? I help people  become better satisfied with their lives by making some changes, or pursuing a goal. Visit  for information, products and services and sign up for her free newsletter.


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Category:  Priorities

Related Links:  | Simple LivingPriorities |

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