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Category:  Home Improvement

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Caring For Your Wood Floors

By James Carlson

Wood floors are a great flooring choice for your home. They are durable and add a certain warmth and style to your home. They do require some special care however to get the most life out of them. Read this short articled for some tips on caring for your wood floors.

The most important thing that you can do to maintain your wood flooring is to sweep it often. Just like on carpet, the dust and dirt on a wood floor will act like sandpaper wearing down the finish. This will scratch the surface and eventually expose the vulnerable wood beneath the protective coating. Sweep the floor with a cloth dust mop a couple times a week and do a thorough vacuum once a week. You also want to be careful about moisture with wood flooring. If a spill occurs, clean it up immediately and use mats and rugs to give people a place to track of soil and moisture before they walk onto your wood floors. Furniture is also something that can easily damage a wood floor. Be sure to either place the furniture on a good area rug or use felt furniture pads on the legs of your furniture. Check the condition of these felt pads at least once a month and replace them as necessary. Lastly you should clean the flooring on a regular basis with a wood cleaner that is recommended by the flooring manufacturer. Do not use just any cleaner because you need to chose one that will not damage the floors finish.

Wood floor, as you can see, definitely does require some special care. It is well worth it however because regular care gives you a floor that will last forever and add warmth, beauty and style to your home. If you find that your floor needs cleaning beyond your capabilities consider calling a local carpet cleaning service for a quote on cleaning.


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

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