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Why Living a Frugal Life Can Lead to a Richer Life

By Jessica Ackerman

As a society we have learned to rush from one task to the next. We hurry to move from one position or stage in life onto the next. We gather belongings, we accumulate "stuff", and we rarely let ourselves enjoy the pleasure of acquiring the things we enjoy. When we decide to cut back and stop the frantic pace, we often find that living simpler can lead to a richer life.

Your Home

The adage that a home is a man's castle has taken on new meaning in a consumeristic society. Instead of a small, quaint castle, many strive for homes with warehouse-like square footage. While space is not necessarily a bad thing, it does require more effort in cleaning and maintenance, and it requires more energy to heat and cool. It also begets more furniture and decorations. Suddenly, your life at home becomes more about cleaning and straightening and filling the space than it does about simply enjoying being there. Society pushes us to want more and to want "bigger", but when you decide to scale back and reduce the size of your home, you can also reduce the clutter. The added bonus is that your utility bills and maintenance needs also decrease.

Your Belongings

Ah, the well furnished home is a true sight to behold, but with it there is a price. Expensive furniture and accessories are ultimately just things that bring little true happiness in life. Clear your closets and donate the items you no longer want or need. Purging the clutter from your home will leave you with more open, healthy space for living and enjoying your rooms. Tax-deductions can also usually be taken when you donate certain items to charities. If you would rather sell your things yourself, have a yard sale and while you are outside, enjoy the beauty and sunshine of the day.

Your Lifestyle

Are you used to going and going until you collapse? In most cases it is because you are working hard to obtain more "stuff". Instead of giving in to the temptation to have more, decide that you are going to live frugally and well within your means. You will find that the frantic pace that you have been keeping suddenly slows down to a much more manageable speed. You will have time to truly enjoy the things you have and the people in your life.

Living a frugal life is not about being a miser or hoarder. It is about choosing to live a life where consumerism and the acquisition of "stuff" does not play a large part in your life. It is more about being happy with the things that you have and appreciating the small things. A richer life is about more accessories and decorations or a bigger home. A richer life is one where enjoying a sunset on the back porch with your significant other or your children is the priority. It is about taking back the true joys of the soul and leaving the rat race of the world behind.

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