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When Is a Budget Not a Budget?

By Sue Forester

Are you sick and tired of accidentally overspending? Is under-budgeting a problem for you? Did you spend $50.00 at the grocery store this week that you now realize you did not have to spend? If you're one of the millions of mothers struggling to keep a steady budget than you should know that there are options out there that can help you stabilize and understand your assets. The problem with most budgeting structures lies in their focus on the past instead of the future. When you plan your monthly budgets do you focus on the past or the future? It's obvious; we focus on what is to come. Even with heavy credit card debt overpowering our credit history our main focus is still on the future. Although we may have built some debts in the past the only solutions we have lie in what we can do about it in the coming days.

It's time to look forward to our financial future. Finding suitable programming, budgeting alternatives, and reliable ways to help us look ahead is now readily available. There's a web site I've been using for a while,, which does exactly this. I use this website to map out exactly how my financial life will go. No questions. No surprises. Just seamless budgeting and excellent planning tools. Budget-sketch helps me to map out, sketch out, where my money is going and how it is being used. So instead of balancing my checkbook I forecast how my money is spent. I recommend that all single mothers, with too much on their plate, seriously consider using a web site or program that is similar to Budget-sketch. You can even start by using web sites such as to create savings estimates and financial figures and then transferring that information to your 'budget-forecasting' website. There's no time like the present. Bigger and better web sites are being created every day just for this purpose so I recommend that you browse for updated materials regularly.

If your predominant (past) debts are from credit cards than you should be aware of the power you have as a consumer. With an unpretentious call to the credit card company you can easily have your interest rate reduced. Simply ask to speak with the shift-manager and 9 times out of 10 it's as easy as that. It's easier than you may think to take control of your financial situation, one step at a time.

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