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What It Takes to Qualify for a Home Repair Grant

By Jessican Ackerman

When damage occurs to your home, it can often be extremely expensive to repair. While you probably have homeowner's insurance, there are some types of damages that aren't covered by insurance. Or, sometimes it's not so much damage as gradual wear and tear on your home that just builds up over the years, which eventually necessitates that repairs be performed. Sometimes these repairs can become extremely urgent in nature, which can be a problem if you truly can't afford to get the work done. Grants are generally either government or privately funded, and they don't have to be paid back, if you qualify to receive one. Fortunately, there are grants available, and many people do qualify for them. It can be very advantageous to do some research to see if you qualify.

Government Grants

The best place to start looking for government grants is through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Not only can they help locate government grants, but in some cases they will also pay for the work to be done. They can be reached through local state facilities, or online, where you can actually find the applications for these types of grants. The Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA) is who you should contact in regards to grants in the case of a home damaged by a natural disaster. You can apply for help either at a local chapter, or online.

Seniors (55 Years or Older)

If you are on a limited or fixed income, it can sometimes be very difficult to keep up on the repair expenses for a home. Most times, the best place to start looking for a grant if you are a senior is right in your own city. Cities often have special programs to assist seniors, which can include a one-time home repair grant. The best way to research the existence or availability of these types of grants is by checking with your local city officials.

Disabled Individuals

There are plenty of special programs that are designed to help with the needs of handicapped and disabled individuals, and this includes home repair grants. The best place to start is by checking with your city officials in regards to any disabled assistance programs that might be available, or with local agencies that work specifically with the disabled for more information.

Private Home Repair Grants

Many businesses, as well as individual business people and even private citizens, have organized private home repair grants designed to help people. Many people don't even know that these types of grants exist, because often they are not prominently advertised. One way to find these private grants is by checking with your local chamber of commerce, or with community help organizations in your area.

Online Research

There are many other sources of home repair grants available, and one of the best places to start looking for them can be the Internet. By performing searches geared towards your particular area, and any circumstances that pertain to your situation, you can find the qualifications, restrictions, and often even the forms you will need to apply for the grants.

Staff writer for, Jessica Ackerman has extensive design experience, using southwestern wall art and Tuscan initial wall grille.

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