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The Truth about Frugal Living

By Gregory Thomas

Frugal Living: What it is, and Why People Do it

Here's a question for you. What's the impression or image you have in your head when you think of someone who is a "tightwad", living somewhat of a frugal lifestyle?

Does the stereotypical image of a old, feeble minded miser, with dirty old overalls, worn out sneakers with a fisherman cap pop up in your mind? :-)

That's ok. Stereotypes are hard to get rid of. Especially the negative connotations sometimes associated with budget related terminology.

All to often people assume frugality and budgeting are for poor, low income families. Only the less fortunate have to worry about these things, right?

First off, throw out all these misconceptions. Wipe them from your mind. They no longer exist.

Instead, let's take a look at the bigger picture. The purpose and reason for wanting to budget, conserve and lower your bills.

All That Waste

In our society, it is very easy to get caught up in all the glamour of the rich and famous. You know, all the fancies in life. Isn't everybody supposed to be gorgeous, drive fancy cars, dine at the most expensive restaurants and have beach front property to come home to everyday?

We have this image of the wealthy and all the luxuries they spend their money on, and we sometimes try to replicate this in our own lives.

More specifically, we don't want to be seen as if we are financially challenged, so we spend our money the way we think wealthier people do. We buy what they buy. Go out where they go. We spend our money carelessly, without even giving a second thought about it.

It makes us feel good because we've briefly made people think that we are wealthier that we really are. Sometimes, we even trick ourselves into believing that we actually have more than we really do.

But in the end, we have no actual wealth.No overabundant savings account. No well invested stocks to capitalize on. No lake front retirement cabin to retreat to from time to time. Just our pretend life that we've been living in.

Acquiring Wealth

So how does a person acquire wealth? Many misinterpret the meaning of wealth. Wealth is not determined by how much you earn, but by how much you accumulate.

Aside from inheritance (and luck), a wealthy person will generally acquire money through many years of hard work and discipline. And at the same time, compliment the hard work with regular saving deposits and wise financial investments. It just isn't in their nature to spend money haphazardly because that wouldn't be a wise investment.

Others spend all of their money on many extravagances but rarely have anything left afterwards. Years of reckless spending leaves little to celebrate about in the end.

You Make the Decision

Income level has little to do with whether a person decides to budget their money and strive for future financial goals.

In other words, you'd be surprised to know how many poor people do NOT budget their money and how many wealthy people DO!

It all comes down to the GOALS you have for you and your family and how dedicated you are in achieving these goals.

Whether it be financial goals, career goals, retirement goals, business goals or all of the above. Your goals answer the fundamental question: What do I want to have (or be) in 5, 10, or 20 years? Only you can choose what is labeled a priority in your life.

Do you want to conserve money, lower bills, and start an investment plan? Or do you want a new suit every month to go with pricey excursions to Vegas eight times a year?

Would you rather spend your time learning how to invest in the stock market or possibly start your own home business for additional income? Or would you rather spend the money you earn on a new deluxe home entertainment center, relax and wait for the next work day to come?

Regardless of what road you choose, choose what you feel is right for your situation and strive for your goals. All the advice in the world can't force you to save money and budget your finances. YOU have to WANT to reach your goals, period.

Only when you decide that your goals are top priorities in your life, will you start implementing effective money saving strategies and begin acquiring real wealth.

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Category:  Money

Related Links | BudgetingCreditDebt |
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