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Hormones and Anemia Are Two Overlooked Causes of Hair Loss in Women

By Benedict Smythe

Hair loss, balding and other types of hair problems affect both sexes. Both men and women who suffer from hair loss also lose their self-confidence. This condition often results into depression and anxiety. Studies have proven that women are more prone to depression than men when it comes to experiencing hair loss. This is because women are believed to be the fairer sex and when they fail on this aspect, they tend to become depressed.

People often have the wrong notion that a balding woman must have used some strong hair chemical that destroyed the texture of her hair and eventually caused the hair loss. But this is far from the truth. It is, therefore, important for women to realize that losing a head full of hair is beyond their control.

The Tragedy of Hair Loss Caused by Anemia

There is a certain type of hair loss which is caused by anemia. Anemia is a condition where the human body does not have enough red blood cells (often caused by iron deficiency). Many women suffer from anemia at varying degrees and they can become candidates to temporary hair loss. Lack of iron is definite when the ferritin level is under 40ng/ml.

In a certain study in 1995-1998, there were 153 subjects who were diagnosed with telogen effluvium and about 72% of these women who were on their pre-menopausal stage were found to be iron deficient. This study further proved that iron deficiency is the most common cause telogen effluvium among post-menopausal women.

Aside from telogen effluvium, women who have iron deficiency anemia can also suffer from shedding and thinning of hair. The hair loss can be gradual as it can stretch over a few months or even years.

Hair loss due to anemia can still be reversed; meaning, if the patient would consult a medical professionalís help and take iron supplements, hair may be regained. The process is quite simple but it could also take timeófirst, the iron supplement will replace the depleted iron. The patient must also make sure to take sufficient dosage of iron each time so that negative iron imbalance would not occur. Once the iron levels return to normal, it is also possible that hair would slowly grow back.

The Role of Estrogen in Hair Loss

During a womanís pregnancy, estrogen tends to be highly concentrated and the result is thick and healthy hairóbut this is only during pregnancy. Right after pregnancy, the estrogen levels have to return to normal and this is when the excess hair would have to fall out. This is called the resting phase or telogen. Hair that goes on a resting phase will fall out for a period of 3-4 months. Some women may think that they are already experiencing hair loss but they are not.

This scenario can also be true for women who have stopped taking contraceptive pills. The problem only begins when hair fails to grow for those who have lost it after pregnancy or taking birth control pills. Problematic hair loss happens when more than a hundred strands of hair are lost daily. The loss of hair and estrogen might not be serious cases but these two could cause permanent hair loss if the hair follicles become damaged in the process. Only a doctor will be able to point out the right course of action in these cases.

Losing hair and losing confidence are two, inseparable realities of life. This is why a woman must do all that she can to put a stop to hair loss before it becomes permanent.

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Category:  Beauty
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