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Money Saving Tips When Planning A Wedding

By Stephanie Elms

Wedding comes in all shapes and sizes these days and you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the wedding of your dreams. There are several small things you can remember when planning that will have a big impact on the overall budget.

• Consider the date and time of the wedding. The cost of the exact same site can vary greatly so choosing the right month can significantly reduce costs. Certain sites have peak months, days, and times in which their rates will be more. At some sites, Thursday night weddings or the Sunday before a holiday can dramatically reduce the price tag.

• Site choice is important. As mentioned above, there are certain peak times for locations so choosing a time that is off-season can drastically reduce costs.

• Take advantage of decorations already provided. Many sites already decorate for Christmas and leave it up through the New Year making this a great time to have a wedding because you don’t have to add many flowers.

• Consider your drink options. Either skip the champagne toast (it can be up to $16 per glass at certain sites) or if allowed bring your own champagne for guests. Also, eliminating alcohol all together can save tremendously on costs. If you want to offer alcohol but can’t afford the cost the site charges, ask if you can bring in your own. Even if there is a cork fee you will still save considerably. You can also offer a cash bar or provide drink “tickets” to guests that allow for one free drink and then they pay for the rest if the site will provide the services.

• Revisit the menu. Perhaps plan to offer a nice spread of hors d oeuvres instead of a full course meal. If planning a sit down meal, minimize the options guests have or choose a customized pasta bar that will be less expensive then meat entrees.

• Be smart when buying your dress. Opt for a dress that is embellished with glass beads instead of crystals. Also, if you are able to pay cash for your gown you can often get up to 20% on the price.

• Decrease the size of your bridal party. Even though most attendants pay for their own gown or tux, the bride and groom are still responsible for gifts, rehearsal dinner costs, and bouquets and boutonnières.

• Flower saving tips. If you know someone that can do your flowers, consider buying wholesale and let the put the flowers together. If you choose to use a florist, put the majority of your flower budget into arrangements that are most noticeable such as your bouquet and centerpieces.

The most important thing to do is set the budget before you begin the planning. Once you have the budget you have to stick with it. Try to stay within your budget by reworking various aspects of the ceremony when necessary. This will ensure that you aren’t dealing with unexpected bills and debt once you return from your honeymoon.

About the Author: Stephanie is the owner of La Bella Amour Lingerie, the premier on-line boutique offering a full line of bridal lingerie, bridal registry, unique shower invitations and thank you cards, and classy bridesmaid gifts. You can visit the boutique at


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Category:  Romance

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