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Saving Money on Wedding Costs


By Nikki Willhite

A Guide to Frugal Weddings

Here is the most inexpensive way I know to have a wedding. When you read this, remember my philosophy- "Save on the things that donít matter to you, so you can have the things that do matter to you." Economize where you can, spend more on what is meaningful to you.

It would be wonderful if everyone could have a dream wedding, but some people just do not have the money for weddings that cost more than a few hundred dollars. If you are in this position, here are some ideas.

For starters, get married in your home or garden, or the home of a close friend. You will spend less money on decorations, and it will be more intimate. Just invite your family and close friends for the ceremony. Invite your other guests to an open house afterwards.

At the open house have a buffet of finger foods and light refreshments. You can pick them up at a store like Costco, or make them yourself.

Sew your own dress. If you canít sew, find someone who can. Many seamstresses are very reasonable in their prices. You may be able to cut the cost by doing some of the work yourself, such as sewing on beads.

Keep the affair informal. Limit the number of your bridesmaids. Let them wear what they want. If they want to buy a new dress, fine. If they already have something they like, let them wear that. Forget the tuxedos for the men. Have them wear nice suits.

Make your own cake, or have a friend do it. It doesnít have to be large. You can cut up sheet cakes and put them on the table on little plates for your guest to eat, and keep the main cake for decoration.

Keep your decorations and flowers simple. Check out your local grocery stores for flowers. You can buy them there cheaper. If you are crafty, you can use silk flowers, which can be reused later.

Have soft music playing in the background on the stereo, or ask as friend to play the piano.

Many people take pictures at weddings for a few extra dollars. You may even have a relative or friend who could do it economically. Check around. Be sure and ask to see samples of their work, and check up on their references.

Design and make your own wedding invitations. There are so many beautiful papers available now. If you donít have an inkjet printer, take them to Kinkoís and print them.

Iíve been to many a wedding reception done like this, and it was perfectly lovely. Expensive, extravagant weddings are not what is going to make you happy. Responsible handling of money from the start is going to start the marriage off with a better foundation.


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Category:  Romance

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