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Category:  Odds and Ends

Recycle Those Plastic Shopping Bags

By Cyndi Roberts

I don't know about you, but I can't bear to throw away those plastic bags that we get every time we go to the store. They are so handy for lots of things!

I keep them in a decorative tin in my kitchen. Then they are at hand when I need one.

I have read hints about using an old tissue box to store them. Just stuff them in the top and pull one out at a time.

I use these bags for:

* wastebasket liners--I never buy liners for the small wastebaskets in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

* when I travel, I put shoes in the bags, and then in our suitcase. Nothing gets dirty!

* packing material when mailing. They are very lightweight and fit around any item.

* they can be used to carry craft projects with you. I always have a plastic canvas project going -- when I want to take it with me, I just put everything in a plastic shopping bag.

* wet bathing suits or towels can be transported in plastic shopping bags. The larger bags can be used to cover car seats when the kids are wearing the wet bathing suits!

* carrying lunches to work or school or on a field trip; there's no need to keep up with a lunch box, just throw the bag away.

* when our boys were younger and played soccer, sometimes they had to play in the rain or on a wet field. We just put plastic bags on their feet, then put on their socks and shoes and it helped keep their feet dry.

* if you're doing a messy painting technique, such as ragging, cover your hands with a plastic bag and your hands will stay clean. I like to cover my hands and as far up on my arms as the bag will go when I am rolling paint with a roller, then all those little spatters are on the bags and not on me. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!

Cyndi Roberts is the editor of the bi-weekly newsletter "1 Frugal Friend 2 Another", bringing you practical, money-saving tips, recipes and ideas. Visit her online at to subscribe and receive the Free e-course, "Taming the Monster Grocery Bill".


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Category:  Odds and Ends

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