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Ideas For Decorating Your Walls

By Mr.Andrew Caxton

Before you begin redecorating your home, or move into a new home, what's the first thing you do? Right. Paint or wallpaper the walls, because the walls are the setting on which everything else depends.

Decorating your home is one of the most difficult and most rewarding endeavors in which you can indulge your creative passions.

There are two ways to decorate your home. One is to use an integrated design throughout. The other is to decorate each individual room in its own distinct style.

Before you decide on how you are going to decorate your walls, you need to decide on everything else that is going in to that particular room- from the carpet to the furniture to the wall directions. Are the walls going to be a quiet background to set off the rest of the room, or do you want the walls themselves to be works of art?

Another choice you must make is between wallpaper and paint for the walls. There is such a vast range of wallpapers on the market that you are bound to find something that you like. If you don't feel like adding wall-to-wall wallpaper, self-adhesive borders, "wallies" and "stick-ups" are also available.

The problem with wallpaper is that it must be mounted properly, with no seams showing and no bubbles visible...or it simply will not look very attractive. Hiring professional wallpaper hangers is expensive however, and if you have the time, skill and inclination to do it yourself, you'll be able to save a lot of money.

Texturing Your Walls
It is possible to add "texture" to your walls to make them in a sense, three dimensional. You can either do this by painting using specially created textured paint, use wallpapers that come in textured designs, or even go all out and adding your own textures from selected materials of your own.

If you don't want texture attached permanently to your walls, you can always add replaceable items - such as quilts. They are so large that they will dominate the entire wall, so it's important that you have a good idea what kind of decorations or furniture you have in the room that won't clash with the quilt, or versa.

Wall Decorations
To show off your collection of posters, or figurines, or other types of collections, it is best to have walls that don't dominate the room. The walls therefore, should be painted, or wallpapered, in quiet, pale solid colors, so that they disappear into the background and bring the decorations to the forefront.

Teenagers and Children
Decorating rooms for children are usually pretty easy - although it can depend on the child! Most kids are happy with posters on their walls, featuring their favorite actor or rock star. However, rather than mount these posters carelessly by merely tacking them to the walls, some effort should be taken to mount them properly - to give the kids ideas of what things should look like.

It's a cliche that all kid's rooms are messy. That's not necessarily the case, but it is certainly easier for anyone to keep their room neat if there's a place for everything, and everything in its place. Bookcases for books, toyboxes for toys, and furniture of child-size so the kids can put their own clothes away easily.

Decorating Ideas
Thanks to the internet, you can surf practically the entire world to find ideas on how to decorate your home, if there are no home decorating stores in your area.

Your perfect wall decorations are out there....either in a store somewhere or in your mind waiting to be created. Go out and find them.

About the Author: Andrew Caxton enjoys writing about outdoor decorations for . A website with tips on wrought iron furniture, amongst many related topics.


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