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Category:  Health
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Are You Taking Overdose Of Vitamins?

By Bertil Hjert

The word “vitamins” is derived from the two words, “Vital” and “Amines”. These are the complex organic substance required in small quantities for nutrition. Foods are the main source of vitamins. These are also produced by the body. Vitamins are very important for good health. These are necessary to fight certain diseases, treat them and to maintain overall health of an individual.

Most people like to visit to the local health store and get their supply of essential vitamins. They know that certain vitamins are essential for maintaining good health. It is really not a bad idea but one needs to make sure that there is no overdose of vitamins.

U.S. Government has already set certain guidelines for adequate levels of vitamins and minerals an individual must take. It has also set some guidelines so that one may not exceed the dose of these vitamins.

Taking lower amount of vitamins can result in the benefits while taking these vitamins in more than the required amount can actually result in hazardous effects on the health.

Experts feel that maximum amount of your vitamin should come from food sources. You may take supplements but food sources are really important.

It is true that all the essential minerals and vitamins required in the body are impossible to get from only food sources.

While setting the recommended daily allowances for each vitamin and mineral, the Food and Nutrition Board of the Academy of Sciences conducted a lot of studies for the determination of the amount of each vitamins and minerals required by the body and the amount can actually get from food sources. It was determined that intake of extra vitamins and minerals under the guidelines was safe for the body.

You must take vitamins and minerals as extra vitamins and minerals are important for fighting disease and helping to treat several diseases.

Most people think that the recommended dairy allowances of vitamins and minerals should be increased as the current recommended doses are quite low. Most recently, the RDA’s of certain vitamins and minerals has been increased. Vitamin C is one of the vitamin doses that have increased. However, the FDA does not want to increase the RDA of other vitamins because studies indicate that taking other vitamins in more qualities will not do well to the body. Experts feel that taking too much of certain vitamins and minerals can promote toxin build up and also mineral imbalance in the body.

For instance, taking Vitamin E at more than 1000mg may increase the risk for bleeding. The FDA believes that higher doses of vitamin C than required during cancer treatment can actually feed the cancer cells. These can actually make cancer cells resistant to chemotherapy.

The best way is to take vitamin and mineral supplement is to follow the moderate dose. This clearly indicates that you don’t require super mega doses of multivitamin pills available in most health stores. You can go for multivitamins sold at health maintaining the acceptable levels of vitamin and mineral content.

It would be wise to consult a health care practitioner about the amount of vitamins and supplements that would do well to your health.

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Category:  Health

Related Links | Healthy Living | Stress | Emotional Well-being | Cutting Medical Costs |

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