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Category:  Cleaning

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The Many Uses of Vinegar

By Nikki Willhite

Here is a laundry list of uses for Vinegar


-Salad Dressing, Pickles, etc.
-Keeps eggs from cracking when boiling by adding 2 Tablespoons to water.
-Stop mold on cheese by wrapping in a vinegar soaked cloth.
-Make a better chocolate cake by adding a teaspoon of Vinegar.
-Perk up wilted vegetables. Soak in 2 cups water, 1 Tablespoon Vinegar.
-Tenderize meat by soaking overnight or rub on both sides and let
sit 2 hours.
-Add to water when boiling vegetables to retain color.


-Cuts grease and freshens dishes when washing them
-Wipe oven to prevent grease build up.
-Cleans and disinfects wood cutting boards, counters, the
refrigerator, microwave, etc. Wipe with full strength vinegar.
-Deodorizes the kitchen drain. Pour a cup down the drain once a
week. Let stand 30 minutes and then flush with cold water.
-Cleans stainless steel, copper pots and chrome.
-Cleans grout.
-Cleans your washing machine and dishwasher. Add vinegar and run through a regular cycle to dissolve detergent residues.


-Cleans your iron. Put equal amounts of vinegar and water into
water holder. Put on the steam setting and let set 5 minutes.
Cool and drain.
-Cleans calcium deposits, lime, and scum. Great for humidifiers,
tubs and wash basins.
-Unclog a drain with baking soda and vinegar, per last week's issue.
-Film that accumulates in your bathtub can be removed by soaking and scrubbing with Vinegar.


-Stain Remover (pre-soak).
-Removes perspiration odors and stains.
-Hang clothes that smell of smoke above a bathtub full of hot
water and a Cup of Vinegar to steam.
-Use instead of fabric softener when you wash your clothes.
-If you buy a piece of clothing or fabric that you think will
bleed, set the colors in fabric. Add 1 cup white vinegar to 1
gallon of water. Soak fabric in this solution until the fabric
stops bleeding.


-Like baking soda it will also remove residue left by shampoo from
hair, as well as help control dandruff.
-Cleans Eye Glasses.


-Flower last longer when fed with 2 tablespoons vinegar and 1
teaspoon sugar.
-If you have alkaline soil and are trying to grow rhododendrons,
azaleas or other acid loving plants, add to water before

Pest Control

-Put it in a spray bottle and use it as an insecticide. Used in
large amounts it also deters animals. -Deters dogs from scratching ears by applying it on their bodies.


-Sunburns rub lightly to relieve burn.
-For dry, Itchy Skin add to bath water.
-Apply to bee strings to relieve itching.
-Apply to burns for pain relief.


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Category:  Cleaning

Related Links:  | CleaningClutter Control |

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