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Unique Gift Labels

By Nikki Willhite

I was going to run this article as a short tip in Tightwad Tidbits, but it is such a creative, recycling idea, I thought I'd share it in this issue. I will run it as a short tip in a few months in the other e-zine for our new readers.

We've talked a lot about making Christmas labels out of Christmas Cards. Here is another label idea. I got this idea from my mother-in-law. I've mentioned her before. She was a war bride from Germany, and she is frugal! She lived through the hard times of WWII and knows what it is like to go hungry, do without, and make do.

I don't think there is a tip run in Tightwad Tidbits that she does not do naturally. The result of all this frugality- money! And to follow up on an article run a few weeks ago- she is happy. She may save money at home, but she is also able to take some of those savings and do what she really enjoys, traveling.

She has a unique way of making gift labels. Have you noticed how pretty the designs are on boxes of Kleenex and other brands of tissue? There are some beautiful floral pictures. The cardboard is too heavy for decoupage, but it is just right for labels.

Pull the boxes apart, and then cut out square or rectangular pieces. You can cut them with plain or decorative scissors. Fold them in half, and then write on the inside. They make a very decorative gift label.

My mother-in-law sends me things like handmade knitted slippers. She will punch a hole in the top of the label, and then run yarn through the hole, and also through the slippers so that they stay together.

To add to the presentation, she usually attaches a little crocheted animal, with a few embellishments.

I know there are many other ways of recycling Kleenex boxes, but next time you buy a really pretty one, think about pulling it apart and cutting it up for gift labels that you can use year round.


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Category:  Gifts

Related Links:  | HolidaysHalloweenChristmasGifts |

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