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  Trouble's Gift

By Steve Goodier

Mark Twain once said, "By trying, we can easily learn to endure adversity. Another man's, I mean." Actually, enduring other people's adversity is not always easy...especially when our loved ones suffer. But a vital ingredient to successful living is found in creatively handling our own problems.

We all face troubles. Daily. Some are no more than minor irritants; others will threaten our very lives. We can curse our problems. We can feel victimized by them. We can give in to them. We can also fight them. We can learn to live with them. And we can even use them -- use them to help us do and become that which may have been impossible without them.

Case in point is Marvella Bayh, former wife of Indiana Senator Birch Bayh. She lost an eight-year struggle with cancer. It began with a mastectomy in 1971 and ended in 1979 when Marvella was 46 years old. But listen to the legacy of hope that she left millions of people:

"These years since cancer came to me have been the most rewarding, the most filling, the happiest in my life." Rewarding? Filling? Happiest? Is she really describing life with cancer? She goes on to say this:

"I have learned to value life, to cherish it, to put my priorities in order and to begin my long-postponed dream of being useful in my own right."

Since her mastectomy, Marcella Bayh devoted countless hours to American Cancer Society projects, supporting anti-cigarette crusades and promoting school programs to teach girls to examine their breasts for signs of cancer. One month before her death, she was awarded the society's Hubert H. Humphrey Inspiration Award.

Marvella Bayh's disease actually helped her to find fulfillment during the last years of her life. What many people never discover is that, when given a chance, problems can do that. Not that we should go out and try to find as much trouble as possible; as you know, trouble has a way of finding us. But those troubles, too, can be useful.

Writer Richard Bach says, "Every problem has a gift for you in its hands." Will you open that gift and discover just what it is that your adversity is giving you? For that very gift, which can only be obtained by going through those difficult times, may turn out to be valuable beyond belief.


Steve Goodier is a professional speaker, consultant and author. Purchase his books or sign up for his free e-newsletter here: Or call 1-877-344-0989 Free shipping (USA/CAN). Free gift-wrapping!  


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Category:  Inspirational

Related Links:  | Inspirational | Attitude | Courage | Goals | Happiness | Self-Esteem |

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