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Category:  Family Fun

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Outdoor Togetherness

by Dionna Sanchez

Spend time with your children this summer

The weather will be getting nice soon, and hopefully you and upir children will take the opportunity to be outside more. You can take advantage of this chance to join them in creating special outdoor memories such as these:

*Wash the car together
*Skip rocks in a river, pond or lake
*Play frisbee
*Go on a bike ride to the nearest store and grab ice cream!
*Hoola Hoop - great for giggles!
*Help your child plant a small garden in a special spot
*Make a batch of sun tea together
*Gather flower petals together and place on a paper in the shade to dry. When they are completely
 dry, place them in a bowl to give your house a delightful scent!
*Help your child make a pet rock to keep as a momentos or give to someone special.
*Make dandelion jewelry
*Have a picnic in your backyard
*Go on a walk - point out and collect leaves and rocks
*Run in the sprinklers together
*Sleep under the stars
*Use your child's sidewalk chalk to make a hopscotch spot. This is also great for giggles!
*Lay in the grass and guess cloud shapes together
*Go on a bike ride
*Sit on the front porch, driveway or in lawn chairs and just talk....

Dionna Sanchez is Editor/Publisher of Emphasis Newsletter For Moms. Emphasis comes to you once a month to support moms not just as parents, but also as individual women. Issues are honest, warm and full of encouragement. Join now!

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Category: Family Fun

Related Links | Family FunVacations |

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