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Five Tips For Decorating Your Dining Room

By Hunter Pyle

Dining rooms are your primary area to entertain and can add to the festivity of an occasion by being decorated to the max. When you are not entertaining, the dining room can still have a personality of its own by focusing on the structural pieces of the room and wall dťcor. To decorate your dining room for parties, one should set the table with gusto. Using fabrics to add color to the dining area through table clothes, napkins, table runners, and seat covers is another way to make your table bright and cheery. Bringing in live ornamentals like flowers or fruits and vegetables, as centerpieces are sure to enchant your guests. During the time when the dining room is not being used, your room should still have sufficient lighting to make the table shine and your artwork visible. Adding color to the walls in the form of custom paint or wallpaper is another way to get your dining room to portray personality and vivacity when no one is in it.

Setting The Table

Setting a table for an occasion should be personal choice that can range from high elegance to quirky fun. If you want a formal table setting, you will need fine matching china and several glasses. Silver ware should sparkle and be arrange the same for everyone. For quirky or more casual parties, table settings can be outrageously mismatched or just highlighted with different napkins, plates or cups. The choice is yours. If you do have a party, a set table should be a feast for the eye and help people to get in the party mood.


Many people overlook the power of different fabrics in their dining room. One should invest in several different tablecloths to match whatever occasion one is celebrating. In addition, cloth napkins are a great way to make a statement with color and napkin rings. Runners can add even more color, either alone on a wooden table with fabric placemats, or in conjunction with a tablecloth. Seat covers are often reserved for very elegant occasions but can come in simple cushion covers or more intricate back covers with large bows.

Bringing In Nature

A fresh bouquet on any table will add a special note to any occasion. By picking out the type of flowers and colors, one can even decorate to complement the centerpiece. If you donít want to splurge on flowers, you can always just add fruit or vegetables to the centerpiece along with some fun shiny marbles, pinecones, or any other fun design element you choose.


A dining room is often used at night; so good artificial lighting is essential. If you donít like the lighting in the room, this is easily switched out. Putting up a chandelier will give the room a touch of elegance, but be aware that the size of your lighting can affect the look. Donít put in a large, ornate chandelier in a very small room. It tends to make the room look awkward. Having a dimmer switch on the lighting is another nice touch for dining rooms. It gives the illusion of candlelight without the fire hazard. If you do want to do candles, you can place small votives at each place setting or near the centerpiece. Candlesticks are typically in the center of the table.

Painting Or Wallpaper

If you want the room to have some personality, paint those walls something other than white. You can also use wallpaper with various textures to get color with feel. You can paint one wall or all the walls. You can paint the ceiling, if it is flat and smooth. You can paint or wallpaper just one section of the wall, typically beneath the chair rail.

About the Author: Hunter Pyle wrote this article for the purpose of sharing some tips on decorating your dining room. If you are looking for more ideas I'd suggest checking out Get Organized or Kitchen and Much More.


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
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