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Category:  Inspirational

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5 Reasons Why Remembering Your
Dreams is So Important

By Tony Hall

Each night you will have dreams. You may not remember them but every time you get a good night's sleep you will dream. And the content of your dreams can give you so many clues and hints about getting the most from your waking life that it is vital that you learn to make use of them.

By remembering and recording what you dream about you can discover so much about yourself and find many ways to improve your life. The trouble is, it's not easy and so you will more than likely just continue to ignore this vast resource.

Just why should you bother to remember your dreams? Here are 5 reasons that might get you to make that effort:

#1 Your Subconscious Store

Lots of data is stored in your subconscious mind, most of which you will not normally be aware, but in your dreams it will be revealed to you.This can take the form of secret hopes or ambitions, or fears or anxieties, and when you begin the process of analyzing your dreams it will start to become apparent to you.

#2 Self Knowledge

It is believed that your dreams are an extension of how you really feel about yourself and so learning to remember and understand them will increase many aspects of your self-belief and awareness. You will be able to confront and express your inner thoughts and emotions and gain benefits such as becoming more confident and assertive.

#3 Fears and Anxieties

Your subconscious mind contains many of the hidden reasons for your worries and doubts and so by discovering the secrets of dream recall you will be better placed to tackle the more stressful aspects of life. You may have long-held phobias for example, and by studying the content of your dreams the reasons behind them and the clues to overcoming them may be uncovered.

#4 Hopes and Dreams

You may have all sorts of hopes and ambitions in your mind, many of which you have never even tried to achieve. Your dreams will help to reveal what they are and will give you hints about how you should approach them and whether or not you should try at all. You will often dream of events or people from your past and understanding the activities or qualities associated with them will help you to realise what you really want in your life.

#5 Decisions

Your life involves a constant stream of decisions that have to be made, some of them simple like what to wear or when to get up in the morning, but others far more complex that will affect the important areas of your life like your job, your relationships, and your goals. But when you discover how to easily recall and interpret your dreams you will reveal vital clues to help you to make those all-important decisions.

When you make the effort to remember your dreams and then analyze them and act upon what you find, you will discover a whole new way of getting the most from your life. Your dreams really can come true!
Tony Hall is an author and publisher of self-improvement products. In his book "Your Dream Secrets Uncovered" he reveals the simple step-by-step techniques needed to fully understand your dreams. To learn more go to:


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Category:  Inspirational

Related Links:  | Inspirational | Attitude | Courage | Goals | Happiness | Self-Esteem |

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