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Category:  Weight Control

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More Practicable Cheaters Diet

By John Grant

Cheaters diet won't flunk us in Fitness 101 when caught. It will even improve our dieting efforts. In fact, cheaters diet makes rigid dieting a delight and an adventure.

Often, cheating is bad, but not if we want to stay on a diet longer. Cheating actually helps most dieters stay on a weight loss program longer than others on extra rigid ones. So, hereís the hot cheaters diet which makes it easier to stay on the regular program.

Fitness and diet gurus would probably frown at the idea but more people are discovering the effectiveness of cheaters diet. The idea is to diet 5 days a week and then give ourselves a 2-day break when we eat what we want reasonably. Here are some reasons why.

First, itís a psychological thing, a reward incentive to make the program always attractive. We worked hard 5 days, 3 meals a day, to stick to a strict diet. Weekends are apt opportunities to reward ourselves for a job well done. This keeps us interested and glued to the diet through the week. Cheaters diet should probably be renamed Rewarded diet.

Some avoid weekends as cheat days. They figure weekends enable them to go out with friends and thus eating tends to be overdone. So they choose 2 week days instead of weekends as cheat days. They think this helps them more with their cheaters diet as eating spree is more subdued when done alone or with fewer company.

Second, cheaters diet helps our metabolism revive to normal levels when a controlled surge of calories is given our bodies. Remember that calorie reduction in our diet also reduces metabolism rate. This is what causes stored fats in the body because less fat burning takes place. This is aggravated when we couple diet with exercise. It gets to a point when exercise burns muscles instead of fats.

Thus, giving ourselves a break two days a week with smorgasbords within reasonable amounts helps perk up metabolism to keep our bodies burning fats. But remember, these eating sprees should also be regulated and kept within reasonable bounds. This is a good and feasible cheaters diet which makes it much easier to survive your slimming program.

And take care to cheat for only 2 days. Donít go beyond this limit or else cheaters diet becomes fools diet and it certainly won't work. And if we go for foods included in popular Mediterranean diet cheaters diet becomes even more effective. The idea is to avoid too much fats and calories even on cheat days. Also, it would do well to remember that fats and meats take from 48 to 72 hours to completely digest.

And anyway, most dieters cheat now and then - how can you not with the temptations floating around everywhere in today's day and time. So why not stop torturing yourself with super strict and almost impossible diets and adopt a cheaters diet to make our cheats worthwhile and beneficial while dieting?

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Category:  Weight Control

Related Links | Weight ControlHealthy Living | Stress |
Emotional Well-being
| Cutting Medical Costs |

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