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Category:  Parenting

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Record Video Memories for Family and Friends

By Lynn Thomas

Imagine that it is a cold and wintry day. You are snug inside your home, watching a DVD movie with your spouse and your children. As you watch the video biography, you and your children are delighted to see and hear your grandparents talk about their lives, their heritage, their joys and their accomplishments.

Now imagine that this is not today, but 60 years in the future and it is your grandchild and his family watching your life story unfold before their eyes. They are delighted to get an insight of where they have come from, what your life was about and that you were so thoughtful to leave them this treasured video legacy that can be watched again and again for generations to come.

Use your camcorder to record family history, tributes and memorials. Create a legacy as you record your loved ones life stories and pay tribute to them with creative video.

"I was always wished that I had taken the time to get to know more about my parents and grandparents... where they came from and their memories of the old country and things... I'm glad that I was able to record what I can remember of our heritage for our grandchildren. ~ Aggie"

What do you really know about your parents or your grandparents?

Where were they born? Where were their parents from? What were their family traditions and beliefs? Where did they attend school? Who were their friends? How did they meet their spouse? Were they in the Service? Where did they work?

What if they had left you a video biography where you could hear their voice and see their mannerisms and gestures as they told you about their life and times... giving you a glimpse of their life that would be available for generations to come?

If you would like to have this... so would your descendants.

Video Biographies can be about your parents, grandparents, heritage, traditions or can be created for an anniversary, graduation, wedding, memorial and other celebrations.

Video Biographies can be about life events, or about a specific topic (war experiences, career, travel, family, achievements, etc), or a tribute to a friend or loved one. In just 25 minutes you can record their memories, thoughts and beliefs.

Video Biographies need not contain every single memory. The main purpose is to allow future generations to catch a glimpse of their grandparent or loved one, talking about their life, in their own words while hearing their voice and seeing their mannerisms.

And what of the loved one who is still with us, but who is forgetting who he is? Record his video biography before the Alzheimer's takes over his wonderful mind. He will be able to view not only his life stories, but also video of his loved ones and caregivers to help his remember who they are.

People of all ages are seeking out ways to preserve family history. Record the gift that keeps on giving.

Video Biographies last lifetimes, leaving a legacy gift to your grandchildren, family, friends and associates.

Just Imagine ~ Years from now, a child will be thrilled to actually be able to see and hear his great-grandparents talk about their lives.

Lynn Thomas has been creating biographies and publishing nonfiction since 1976. She has helped thousands of individuals succeed in their own business. Visit or Email


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Category:  Parenting

Related Links:  | Children:Activities and FunChallenges | School | Parenting | Stories | Babies |

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