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How to Decorate without wasting time or money

By Terry Schierer

Hereís the quick, easy way to accomplish Awesome Decorating Projects without wasting time and effort.   During the last 29 years the statement that I have heard the most is HELP ... I donít know what to do. Way too many people start a project with out sitting down and discussing exactly what they want to accomplish in their decorating endeavors.

This is the same as going to the grocery store hoping you will get some idea of what you want to fix for supper. You can do it this way but you will spend way more than you intended. That is what all those center displays and great looking posters are all about. They are there to entice you to purchase things you did not intend to purchase.

The same is true in the decorating stores, the high markup items are the ones you see displayed. They are there to entice you to buy, period!

When you sit down and decide on your focus statement, you gain the necessary knowledge of knowing what you are going to do and why. Itís the same reason you make a grocery list before you go to the store.

A Focus Statement - The Critical Step

Now letís create a focus statement to guide your thinking and enlist the power of you subconscious mind for the great decorating project you are about to turn into reality.

Here you decide on you intentions and reasons for decorating this room, or whatever you are going to change.

Do you want to decorate to please you family, or to establish a new look.

Do you want to decorate to gain the admiration, respect, and envy of your friends and guests?

Do you want to use the decorating project as a means to bring the family closer together?

Do you want to do a decorating project that focuses on:

* New chair or new fabric on your favorite chair?

* Replacing furniture to gain better use of space?

* New color for the walls to bring out the accents?

* Plush new carpet to create that warm look?

. Slip covers to get that "shabby chic"look?

* New blinds to replace the worn out miniís?

* New drapes to replace the ones that are falling apart?

* New swag and jabot to go over existing draperies?

* A pair of tie backs to create a new look?

* New tile in the kitchen and hall?

* New fixtures in the bath?

* Any other single decorating project?

I also want you to create an intention statement by defining the outcome for yourself and your family as a result of doing this decorating project.

What do you really want from doing this project?

* Do you want your family to feel comfortable?

* Do you want the respect and admiration of friends?

* Do you want to make your home a showplace?

* Do you want to make your home a home place?

* Do you want the new look to change family attitudes?

* Do you want to create a place where your family will want to bring their friends?

* Do you want your house to be formal?

* Do you want to be known as the neighborhood decorator?

Create a focus statement as an affirmation of your goal for your decorating project.

This statement will explain exactly what you want to achieve with your decorating project, who you want to impact and what you want to happen as a result.

Look at the actual focusing statement I used for this article:

To write an article explaining how to save time, money, and stress when doing a decorating project by becoming more target oriented, resulting in praise and admiration from family, friends, and peers while strengthening the family bond.

Donít skip this VERY important part of the process!

Take a few moments and sit down with your family to iron out a statement that feels right for you and your family.

If you canít state your goal in a totally comfortable way, put the points you want to accomplish down on paper, do the best you can and then let it go for now.

Congratulations! You actually completed the most important step in the entire decorating process.

Now with a focus statement your subconscious mind will work on your project while you go about you day, take a shower, jog, take a nap -.Whatever!

The power of your subconscious mind can now, like a homing missile, go about its mission of hitting the target you just placed before it.

See how easy and refreshing this was?


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