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Category:  Health
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Swine Flu Protection Advice

By Karen Rauch Carter

First of all, I want to remind people of something that I think many have forgotten: The body is an awesome self-healing mechanism! It's mind-blowing! It upchucks poisons, sweats out toxins, works out splinters, and creates new skin to seal up punctures and cuts just to name a few.

And this fall, as kids go back to school, and workers crawl into their tightly-sealed office buildings to work through the winter, word has it that the swine flu virus is supposed to sweep over the land.

Now first of all, if you want to jump on that belief band wagon, be my guest, but I wouldn't recommend it. If you've read anything by cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, you'd know that your physical cellular biology (ie; stress hormones, immune response, etc.) is significantly compromised by such stressful thoughts and beliefs. He believes that stress (mostly from gunky thinking) is the world's number one killer, as it contributes to all diseases! I imagine his recommendation for de-stressing about the swine flue would start with a healthy dose of "Turn off the news coverage about it and other negative and stressful events!" but that's strictly my opinion.

But stressful thoughts aside, I'm here to give you some great ways to help your body prepare for anything this winter has to fling at you, swine flu included. Because in case you are unaware of it, your body is CONSTANTLY defending itself against harmful agents all the stinkin' time. It just does such a great job of it, you are usually unaware of it. You think you've managed to keep yourself germ-free until those unlucky moments when you think it betrayed you when you "get sick." I'm here to defend it and say, it probably kept millions of other possible illness attacks at bay.

So, when you think of how good your body treats you, can you say you treat it as well back? It's OK. I'll wait while you put down that big gulp and convenient store chili dog to think.....

Alright, if you think there's room for improvement, here's my starting list:

1. Get enough sleep. And if you say you don't have the time, I'd ask yourself, "Do you have time to go to the doctor or be sick?" Drop and give me seven and a half hours this winter (kids - go for more!)...then continue this plan anyway. It gets darker longer for a reason...get in touch with nature's patterns and she won't let you down.

2. Cut the crap. I'll keep it simple. Whole foods keep you whole. Chemicals and preservatives in prepared and packaged "foods" and "drinks" will have you reaching for the chemical-filled medicine cabinet. Not good. Mother nature doesn't approve.

3. Go Pro. Add probiotics (the good bacteria!) to your eating regimen to support your gut integrity. The better off your intestines are, the more it can fight off all the junky stuff you put through the system. Start now so you're well prepared and running full steam ahead when you need it most. My suggestion is to NOT get them from yogurt or other dairy products as they create mucus and dampness in the body, which creates a great place for the bad bugs to live. (Check out a health food store if you don't know where to get non-dairy probiotics.)

4. Choose vitamin A over anti-bacterial soap. Taking vitamin A daily strengthens the skin's protective abilities and increases white blood cells that fight disease. Anti-bacterial soap is a type of pesticide...(which brings us back to #2's chemical conversation.)

5. Start educating yourself on herbs like echinacea, codonopsis, crysanthemum, elderberries, astragalus, and homeopathic remedies that help get your body back in balance without chemicals. That way, if your body get a little behind on it's duties, you know how to help it along.

6. Turn to the sun. Hey, we're all in our little huts breathing artificially-heated air - we could use a little sunshine on our faces (vitamin D!) and fresh air in our lungs. No need to hang out all day, try for 15 minutes a day!

7. Keep exercising. Your body could use the movement to help it push out all those germs and toxins through a good sweat.

8. And if you do all this and you still get sick, at least your body will have something to work with to get you back to health.

Remember, the band-aid doesn't heal the wound, the body does. Your best bet is to treat your body well so it can return the favor. Now go turn off the news and go to bed.
Karen Rauch Carter, founder of Life With Zing, motivates people to rethink their day to day choices by implementing simple, yet doable fixes for home, health, relationships and more. Karen wrote the best-selling book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, and designed the ultimate site to empower people to create, shift towards, and live their fullest, most vibrant life. Download your FREE Transformation Tracker at:

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Category:  Health

Related Links | Healthy Living | Stress | Emotional Well-being | Cutting Medical Costs |

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