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Category:  Weight Control

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Superfoods Diet

 The Top Superfoods For Energy & Weight Loss

By Sydney Johnston

There are times when we're all out of energy and need a pick-me-up. Constantly stimulating our nervous system with caffeine, guarana and other popular energy supplements most certainly will demand a price later in life, so opt for superfoods, instead. The superfoods list is lead by whole grains - not the refined ones - along with certain spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly green ones. These are natural - not artificial - sources of the vitamins, minerals and other substances that enhance health, banish fatigue and cause the weight to drop off. Choose a diet focused on superfoods and watch the weight fall off and your energy skyrocket.

Top Superfoods #1: Beans and Legumes


Lentils are slim, disk-shaped green, brownish green or brick red legumes which grow on a bush-like plant that produces an annual crop. They are native to Asia. These energizing legumes are dried immediately as they ripen. There are at least 50 varieties, and are distinguished from beans because they contain no sulfur so there is no problem with gas - a big deal to many people. The real claim-to- fame for lentils is that they're filled with fiber, which helps lower cholesterol and control blood sugar. One single cup of lentils offers a nice amount of protein - about 18 grams - and includes a tremendous 16 grams of roughage, both of which are important for athletes. Note: unlike beans, lentils need no presoaking and can be eaten in 20-30 minutes.


Garbanzos, also called chickpeas, are in the same food groups as legumes or pulses, which also includes peas, lentils [green, red and brown] and beans. Eating more legumes is almost guaranteed to shrink the risk of heart trouble due to their superior fiber content. Roughage most likely will also reduce blood cholesterol levels and slow the amount of sugar in the blood, which is enormously important both for diabetics and for people with imminent blood sugar problems (metabolic syndrome). Chickpeas have both magnesium & calcium in a 1:1 ratio,

Green Peas:

Peas are really legumes that started in western Asia. There are an amazing 1,000 different varieties of garden peas, the most common of which are the 'common' and familiar green pea that we usually find in our grocery store freezer. Peas are a little high in sugar as legumes (or vegetables) go, but that detriment is balanced by the fact that approximately four ounces of cooked peas have 5 1/2 grams of roughage. Dried peas don't hold their shape like fresh and frozen green peas do, plus they taste a bit more earthy than their sweeter fresh cousins. They're best used in purees, soups, and dishes that must have a bit of thickening.

Adzuki, red, black-eyed peas:

Ordinary, take-them-for-granted beans are undoubtedly one of the greatest sources of fiber on planet Earth. Fiber is a great protector in ways that definitely haven't been entirely comprehended, but by now we've discovered that foods with lots of fiber are linked with lower risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Overall a cup of just about any kind of cooked beans will give roughly 11-17 grams of roughage. That's absolutely awesome! Just one serving of cooked beans a day can be counted on to reduce your total cholesterol by up to 10% in only six weeks. Beans are the very best low-glycemic food, because their advanced roughage content means they raise blood sugar very slowly which is a huge advantage for athletic endurance.

Top Superfoods #2: Herbs, Spices, and Condiments


In Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine, ginger is renowned as the "universal remedy." No wonder. The small ginger plant is bursting with an entire pharmacy of ingredients with health benefits. Lots of folks interested in natural health are already aware of ginger's glorious power to comfort an upset stomach and end nausea. It aids pregnant women who are battling morning sickness, and by energizing saliva, it aids with digestion.


Garlic is one of the best medicinal foods in history. Garlic is acknowledged even by conventional, traditional medicine as a weapon for reducing cholesterol. It also helps lower triglycerides, trims plaque, and prevents blood clots. Garlic also has anticancer properties and even helps to battle the common cold. Much research indicates that garlic can even help with weight control! The key to the astounding wide range of health benefits of garlic seems to lie in a compound called allicin, which is brought about when garlic is crushed or digested. The fresher the garlic the more powerful the allicin.

Note: microwaving completely destroys the benefits of the allicin - sorry.


Cinnamon contains phytochemicals called "chalcone polymers" that step-up glucose metabolism in the cells, thus giving this spice an a phenomenal power to affect blood sugar. Also, cinnamon contains "anthocyanins", which help capillary functions, as well as phytochemicals which assist in combatting candida, the proliferation of yeast in the human body that can cause so many problems. Cinnamon is also excellent for digestive problems and it just might reduce blood pressure, making it the perfect anti-aging spice.


Oregano is rich in a host of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium, copper, boron, manganese, vitamin C, vitamin A, and niacin, and also seems to be the herb with the highest antioxidant activity. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it traditionally has been used to support joint function. It also has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiparasitic properties, and is a popular choice in combating candida yeast infections.


Tumeric is pretty much a "super-spice", not only for an almost encyclopedic number of health benefits, but also for its taste! It's a powerful anti-inflammatory, highly regarded for easing joint pain and arthritis - and even carpal tunnel syndrome. What make this more splendid is that there are a minimum of 30 published studies indicating that the active ingredient in turmeric, "curcumin", combats tumors, both cancerous and benign. Curcumin additionally brings down cholesterol and has powerful antioxidant properties too. Curcumin is a very liver-friendly food, making it mighty medicine for those with variable liver ailments, including hepatitis.

Top Superfoods #3: Grains

Rolled Oats:

Oats are an extraordinary reservoir of roughage and also offer a perfect combination of both kinds (soluble and insoluble). Oatmeal also has an extremely low glycemic load, meaning this valuable oat has a almost no effect on our blood sugar and so can provide anybody with energy that lasts throughout the day. Adding a modest amount of fat like walnuts and some of protein (like an egg) and you're good to go for the entire day.

Quinoa - The Grain Of The Aztecs:

Quinoa is an exceedingly wholesome food that's actually a seed, but cooks up (and tastes just like) a grain. And it provides a good deal of protein. The protein quality and quantity in quinoa seed is often superior to that of more common grains, and the nutritional quality of this little known grain is comparable to that of dried whole milk. It is as versatile as rice, and very much healthier for the human body. Quinoa has a lower amount of sodium and possesses more calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, iron, and zinc than more ordinary grains like corn, wheat or barley.

So next time you find your hand reaching for that energy drinking, pause and remember this superfoods list. A rich superfoods diet will not only mean that high-caffeine supplements won't be necessary, but after a while you won't be craving them anymore. Instead, you will greet your morning cup of coffee with disinterest. Really.
Starving ourselves to lose weight rarely works - and makes us miserable. So if you cannot lose your fat, eat superfoods and learn 5 ways to lose weight that have nothing to do with either diet or exercise.

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Category:  Weight Control

Related Links | Weight ControlHealthy Living | Stress |
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