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5 Summer Decorating Tips For Any Home

By Patricia Taylor

In the past people decorated their home and it remained static for years, until it was time to repaint and buy more linen. Now, homeowners are leaving behind the old ideas of home decorating and creating different styles for different times of the year. It is now possible to give a home a one week face lift every season, without breaking the budget.

Summer decorating adds freshness to a home. It brightens the colors and opens the rooms up to light and color. The best thing about a face lift is that it doesnít always require a complete home renovation.

A few quick and easy tips can help any home decorator to redesign their home, restoring the luster, and replacing winterís sophistication and elegance with a breezy, youthful, and fun design.

Here are 5 easy, fast and cheap summer decorating ideas:

1. When people think of adding color to a room they think of painting. To save time and money, paint the focal wall in a room, leaving the rest. In most rooms, one wall can be painted in less than an hour. Another option is to sponge a wall.

A kitchen can be brightened by painting the wall under cabinets, adding peal and stick tile to this area, or adding ceramics, like large roosters and sunflowers.

2. Pillows and rugs are expensive. Instead of s new pillow covers and tablecloths, use no sew techniques. Wrap pillows with unfinished fabric on the diagonal like a present, and then secure with decorative ribbon or cord. This reduces the need for throw pillows. This can also be done with throw rugs.

Keep the summer rug stored under the winter rug. This gives the winter rug extra padding, and reduces the need for a place to store the summer rug.

A simple table runner can change the look of a table. Replace the formal tablecloth with a light runner in a bright pastel.

3. The fastest way to turn a winter room into a summer room is by removing all the clutter, artwork and knickknacks. The windows are open in the summer, removing the clutter also decreases the housecleaning and dusting time a room needs.

4. Remove the padded and layered window treatments. Replace them with mini blinds or sheers to retain privacy and light control. UV blinds are a great choice for rooms where sun shines on valuable furnit.ure or where the light may fade the wall paint.

5. Remove fabrics and woods and replace them with glass. The glass will reflect light, expanding the room and adding a touch of sparkle. Everything needs to be polished from the television screen and ceiling lights to the kitchen appliances and kick plates on the front door. In many homes a thorough cleaning, polishing the wood, and washing walls will bring new life to the room.

Whatever you do to bring the summer season into your homes, make sure that you pick a couple of ideas from this list, and give them a try. They are fast, easy and cheap, what could you lose?

About the Author: Patricia Taylor advises on home furnishings and decor from her web site at She invites you to get her FREE home decorating guide


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Related Links | Decorating Basics | AccessoriesBudget and Small SpacesFurniture |
| Room by Room | Seasonal | Decorating Styles | Walls | Windows |

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