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The 7 Tips You Need To Know For Successful eBay Auctions

By Amanda O'Brien

One of the reasons that eBay auctions end unsuccessfully is because people have not bothered to make sure that their titles are relevant and correct!

With the introduction of 'Best Match' search, it is now even more important to create eBay auction titles that consistently get your items to the top of the search results.

Why are eBay auctions titles so important?

Your title should get people to click into your listing. You might have the best product in the world at the best price, but if people never get to your eBay auctions listing then you'll never make any sales. So, titles are important because they are the first step in the buying process.

How do I write a great title?

As a successful eBay powerseller, I have tried numerous techniques and ideas for my eBay auctions over the years and discovered the tricks that work! You can read them below ...

eBay Auctions Tip 1: Include as many relevant keywords in your title as possible. It is important that you include the words in your title that people are likely to be searching for, as most buyers will use the search facility and type in what they are looking for. If you write a title including words like 'look', 'wow' and 'amazing' you won't make any sales because nobody searches for these words! This tip might seem like an obvious one, but you would be surprised at how many sellers have eBay auctions running with poor keywords!

ebay Auctions Tip 2: Use capital letters at the start of each word in your title. This is essential as it will make your title much easier to read and it will stand out more. Also, try putting some of your keywords in complete capitals to emphasize the important words and if you are selling a new item, make sure the word NEW is in capitals!

eBay Auctions Tip 3: Always be descriptive. If it is a new item that you are selling, make sure you put that in your title. If your item is branded, for example a 'Sony' DVD Player again make sure you say so. Try to be a little creative as well and remember to think about what your buyers will be searching for when you write your eBay auctions title.

eBay Auctions Tip 4: Spell accurately. If you spell a vital word wrong then your listing won't show up in the search results which means that one misspelled keyword can ruin all your hard work and you will not get any sales! Check your eBay auction titles carefully - this is extremely important.

eBay Auctions Tip 5: Create a little bit of mystery. It will help if you can intrigue people with your titles, as this will ultimately result in more people clicking into your listings. If you can, try not to reveal exactly what the product is, rather what it can do for the potential buyer! For example, if you were selling a Head Massager, try mentioning that it's very relaxing! This won't work for all eBay auctions listings as it's quite hard to make a box of paperclips sound exciting and mysterious! Plus, you obviously need to get your relevant keywords into your eBay auctions titles. BUT, for a few unique products it does work. Try it and see...

eBay Auctions Tip 6: Don't use Bold / Highlight paid for features. To increase clicks on your eBay auctions, eBay offers extras such as Bold and Highlight, but personally I have found that they really don't make much difference to the number of click-throughs and therefore can't justify the cost. It will of course depend on what you are selling, but I am a firm believer in the relevant keywords strategy rather than paying to get clicks on your eBay auctions.

eBay Auctions Tip 7: Make use of the gallery photograph Here's an extra tip which relates to getting people to click through to your eBay auctions. The gallery photograph. This sits next to your eBay auctions title so utilize it by having a great photograph, or instead of using a picture, upload some text. This will give you the opportunity to say a bit more about your item without using up the vital keyword space. Any text that you upload won't count in the best match search, but it will draw attention to your eBay auctions listing title.

So a quick recap on making the most of your eBay auctions titles:

1. Use relevant keywords
2. Use some capital letters
3. Be descriptive
4. Spell accurately
5. Create intrigue
6. Don't pay for extras
7. Utilize the gallery photo

If you follow these tips, your eBay auctions will appear higher in the searches and in turn your sales will increase!

Amanda O'Brien is a successful eBay Powerseller and author of The 2,500 Per Week eBay Powerseller Secrets. Want to learn more about starting an eBay business or simply want to improve your eBay sales? Claim your free report and free sample chapter from The 2,500 Per Week eBay Powersellers Secrets at Powerseller Profiteer. Check out Amanda's website Powerseller Pod at any time for tips, techniques and eBay updates.


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Category:  Jobs

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