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Category:  Christmas

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Christmas Stocking Stuffers

By Nikki Willhite

What is a stocking stuffer? To many people it is a gold pendant. To others, it is a comic book.

While it would be nice if our stocking stuffers could be made of gold, (and money grew on trees), we need to come up with some acceptable, modest items to put in the stockings decorating our mantels and fireplaces, and for our families.

Gift baskets are very popular.  (Gift Basket Ideas) Almost all the small items that you put in them would also be suitable for stockings. Here are some more suggestions:

Food - Children love candies and chocolate of any nature. Adults appreciate gourmet chocolates, cookies, and brownies, as well as assorted nuts and dried fruits. Everyone loves cookies. An occasion adult (such as my husband), has a thing for malted milk balls!

Clothing - Again, we all wear it and need it. There are many small accessories that are always appreciated, such as winter gloves, scarves and mittens, as well as scarves, hosiery, tie pins, socks, belts, handkerchiefs, slippers, rain gear, coin purses, wallets, card holders, and other things that can be worn or used year round.

Kitchen - There are so many little gadgets that you can buy for someone who likes to cook. There are dozens of small items you can buy for the kitchen, such as potholders and mitts, towel sets, utensils, mugs, measuring cups, refrigerator magnets, wooden spoons, egg slicers, graters, garlic presses, etc.

Garage - There are lots of small tools that anyone who works with their hands could use. Some popular tools are now cordless, magnetic, or ergonomic. Again, this is something you would probably "do without", but would make a great gift. Other items if you don't have them are things like a stud finder, tire gauge, organizers for small items like nails and screws, rulers, etc.

Home - Most women appreciate home decorative accessories. Some items in this vein would be candles, potpourri, picture frames...anything small. Christmas tree decorations and other holiday items are also possibilities.

Office and Computer - More and more people are finding a place in their home for an office , or at least a place to put the computer. Office supplies are small and good stuffers. One of my favorite presents was an electric pencil sharpener. It wasn't a "stuffer", but I use it every day. Anything that is used a lot is appreciated.

Toys - Small toys for kids range from matchstick cars, to silly putty, jacks, slinkys, balls, card sets, magnets, magnifying glasses, yo-yo's, etc. And I say this from experience- if you son wants a hula hoop, let him have it! I've spent over a quarter of a century listening to the sad tale of my husband's childhood deprivation.

Leisure - Adults appreciate magazines, and books. Other possibilities are certificates for savings at restaurants, movies, music and video rental stores.

When it comes to finding things to put in a Christmas Stocking, just keep these two things in mind:

*Buy items that are used so much that they wear out. Usually we try and "make do" with these items to save money. When we received a new one at Christmas, it is always appreciated.

*Purchase things that you would not ordinarily spend the money on, but you know would be enjoyed.


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Category:  Christmas

Related Links:  | HolidaysHalloweenChristmasGifts |

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