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Category:  Health
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Daily Dose of Stress Relief

by Kathy Gates

Wouldn't it be great if there was a Daily Dose of Stress Relief that we could take every morning?

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and start to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, burned-out, and fed up. Stress is caused by a lot of things, but when you look closely, as often as not, it's the small things that drive you batty on any given day. Try these 4 ways to create your very own Daily Dose of Stress Relief.

1. Make Room for Happiness.

You wouldn't just plop a new couch on top of an old one would you? Of course not. Yet that's what we're all guilty of in our daily lives - just adding more and more stuff without being willing to move out what we no longer find useful. Be willing to let go of not only physical stuff that is making you claustrophobic, but also roles, attitudes, and yes, even some people. Hanging on to the things in your life that are just taking up space and not contributing to your life, is just squeezing out any room for the good stuff that you really do want. Move out the old, let in the new.

2. Finish What You Start.

Do complete work. Get it over with. A huge cause of stress in your life is the unfinished things that come back to haunt you -- from having to iron because you left your blouse in the dryer, to a home-improvement project that's half finished. Start a new habit of finishing whatever you start. Take the physical action required, such as returning a borrowed item or painting the baseboards. Or assign the job to someone else either by hiring someone to finish it, or passing the task to another member of your team/family. Or maybe it's time to dump it, declare an end to it, and go on to something else (such as calling an end to a diet, or deciding you're never going to read all those magazines you have stacked in the corner).

3. Don't Continue A Mistake.

Another cause of stress is living with something you know is an error in judgment. Did you get locked into a mortgage that's too high and it straps your budget each month? Do you have marriage problems that need counseling? Are you simply overloaded with duties and responsibilities? Do you have a goal that just no longer excites you, but you're afraid to admit it to other people? Be honest. Be authentic. Be willing to be honest with yourself and with other people it affects. Admit the mistake, make restitution if necessary, forgive yourself, and move to the freer side of life.

4. Always Have More Than You Need.

No, I'm not talking just about money, but also having more than you need in time, in energy, in space, in opportunities, in love, in support, also makes a huge difference in your stress level. If you live in clutter and confusion of space and time on a daily basis, you'll feel frustrated, no doubt about it. Start by simplifying how you use your time; eliminate things that are no longer useful and beautiful (if you're terrified to get rid of it completely, just box it up, and see if you really miss it). You'll naturally begin to find more than you need. For example, stop sitting through 2 hours of junk TV, to see the one show you are interested in. Tape it, and you've automatically found 2 hours for something that's important to you.

About the Author: Professional Life Coach Kathy offers books, programs, teleclasses, workshops, articles, and other resources to help people who are burned out, stressed out, and fed up to get back in touch with the foundations of their life.  

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Category:  Health

Related Links | Healthy Living | Stress | Emotional Well-being | Cutting Medical Costs |

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