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Starting to Sew

When you first begin sewing, your fabric may not properly start, especially if you are beginning on a point.  It may get "grabbed" by the feed dogs, make a big knot, and your machine will just stop.  There are several way to prevent this.

If your sewing machine has a plate cover with just a single hole (as opposed to the wide plate that lets you sew zig-zag, that may stop it.

Some quilters find that by holding the thread behind the needle and pulling on it when they begin sewing is sufficient.


My favorite way, which also saves on thread, is to begin sewing on a small piece of scrap fabric.  You can either sew straight from the scrap fabric onto your seam, or you can lift the presser foot and place your fabric under the beginning of the presser foot after you leave the scrap piece of fabric.

Starting and stopping are the most important part of sewing a seam.  It is also hardest to get the 1/4 inch correct at the beginning and the end of a seam. 

In the picture above you can see my blue scrap fabric.  I find I am more accurate if I sew off the scrap, and then slide the presser foot on my block.

Find a method that works for you, and perfect it.

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