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The Pinwheel Star

Here is another classically beautiful star that looks hard to make, but is easy with the skills you have learned.

Color is important in this star.  The extended Pinwheel units must be the same color. 

This block could be made using just Value if the red squares above were a medium color and the blue squares much darker, but it is more striking with two darks.

Look at the picture with the grid lines. There are nothing but Half Square Triangles, Rectangles, and Squares in this block. 

You could make this unit with just Half Square Triangles and Squares around the outside, but you can get rid of four seams by making  Flying Geese units instead.

In the above block I started with the Pinwheel.  I made my units to finish at 2-inches.  I cut Squares of 2 7/8 - inches, to make the Half Square Triangles units. 

With this block you can make the Pinwheel first.  (Remember The Windmill Block- it also has a Pinwheel in the center, but you cannot make The Pinwheel first)

Next you need to cut the Rectangles from the white fabric.  Cut them at 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches.  If you review the Geese Lesson, you will remember that a Flying Geese is always twice as wide as high.  When you take away the 1/2 -inch seam allowance, the Geese unit finishes at 2x4 inches.

Cut Squares from both the blue and red fabric to make the Geese units.  Cut them at 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches.

Place a blue Square on the end of each Rectangle and sew, as per the Flying Geese Lesson.  Sew them all at one time (chain piecing).

Then, after ironing, attach the red squares, sew and press.

Now you just join the pieces.  Press so that your seams nest.  If you press the top row toward the small outer squares, press the middle row toward the center pinwheel.

Stitch the horizontal rows, and press them away from the center.

This block should finish at 8 1/2 inches raw. You can see that each row has four units of 2-inches each.  Add 1/4 -inch for seam allowances on the ends, and you have 8 1/2 inches.

Finished size of block = 8 inches

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