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Lesson # 5

The Square in a Square Block

The Square in a square block is another block used over and over again in quilting patterns. 

You can make this square by several methods.  This lesson will just cover one of them.

(You will learn how to make squares in squares, using half square triangles, in Challenge Block "Squares in Squares")

and uses the same technique as the snowball Block (to the left).  The difference is in the size of the small squares.  They must overlap each other, as opposed to the snowball, where the squares are smaller and do not touch each other.
This is a very easy block to make,

You start by cutting a square for the inside of the block.  The size of this square determines the size of the smaller squares you will put in the corners. 

The smaller squares will be 1/2 the width of the square plus 1/2 inch.  So if you were placing a 4-inch square in the middle, the 4 small squares would each measure 2 1/2 inches.

When you do this square, you do the opposite corners first.  After you sew diagonally through the small squares, press them open, and you will have a unit like the picture.  It is only half complete, but this is also a unit that can be used on its own.

Then you add smaller squares to the other corners, and sew across them diagonally.

Press them open and you are done.

Again, you should have a 1/4 inch seam allowance between the corner points of the square and the surrounding fabric.  You can trim up your square, but be sure and put your ruler so that you have that distance.

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