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Simple Steps Slow The Aging Skin Process

By Truman Tyler

Itís never too early or too late to start anti aging steps. Learning how to care for your skin can help slow down aging effects on our bodies.

Skin sags. Hair grays. Organs donít work properly. Wrinkles form. Aging has less to do with our age and more to do with our lifestyle. Exposure to sun, smoking and stress causes your skin to begin losing collagen, radiance and elasticity. Even if youíve been neglectful and damage has started, the good news is you can reverse the damage.

Here are is a guideline of doís and doníts you should do to help slow the aging and get glowing skin at any age.

Donít Smoke. To combat the signs of aging, stop smoking. Smoking speeds up the aging process. Smokerís skin becomes wrinkled, especially around the mouth. Your skin appears dry like crumpled paper. Smoking is the 2nd biggest cause of skin damage. Nicotine squeezes blood vessels and cuts the flow of oxygen to the skin.

The first signs of aging show up on your skin. Your skin starts to wrinkle and sag on your face. Drinking plenty of water hydrates your skin. Keeping your skin moist helps plump up skin so wrinkling is less noticeable. You should also use a daily moisturizer. As we age, skin thins and dries out, making it more apt to become damaged. For best protection, use a moisturizer with sunscreen when exposed to the sun. Donít forget to moisturize hands; they show age almost as fast as our faces. To best lock in moisture, apply your moisturizer to damp skin.

Exfoliate once a week. Pick a formula that works best for your skin type. Choose a formulation that's best for your skin type.

Use an eye cream daily. Eyes are very susceptible to aging. Your skin around the eyes is very thin and should be protected from the sun with an SPF eye cream. Natural products are good for soothing and preventing those horrible bags under your eyes. Lie down in a quiet room. Once a week, put two thick slices of a cool cucumber or cooled tea bags on your eyes. Leave cucumbers on for around ten minutes.

Take your antioxidants. Antioxidants are big in anti aging prevention. Green teas and beta-carotene are good antioxidants. Take both oral and topical antioxidants. 'Antioxidants' is a huge word in aging prevention.

Donít tug and wipe your skin. Donít stress you aging skin by pulling and tugging at it. Donít forget your neck and chest. With less oil glands in our neck and chest, aging signs show up here quickly. Donít ignore them. This area is another place to apply moisturizers with anti aging ingredients like retinols, copper or vitamin C.

Always use sunscreen. Well, duh. Weíve been drilled since childhood to wear sunscreen. In all seriousness, we need to protect our skin, even in winter. And donít tan. Sun damage can be reversed with pricey pulsed laser treatments.

Slow down the process with some anti aging techniques. Get regular exercise, eat healthy, and avoid the sun. Moisturize daily, give up smoking and keep skin exfoliated for more youthful looking skin.

About the Author: Truman Tyler is the professional freelance writer. He's also the webmaster of


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Category:  Beauty
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