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Category:  Home Improvement

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Find Out The Early Signs Of Termites

By Dave Faulkner

Although nobody wants to have termites, the fact is, we are all at risk for termites. Termites do not discriminate they can invade any home. Some may refer to an invasion of termites as a nuisance, but they are more than that, they can destroy your home if you do no the early signs of termites. Termites play an important part in the ecosystem, but in our homes, they are considered destructive.

Unfortunately, homeowners normally do not know they have termites until after a great deal of damage occurs. Having some knowledge about the early signs of termites helps to protect your home and catch this problem before it escalates. Termites will do more damage to a wood structure in a small amount of time; therefore, knowing some things to watch for helps you stop this infestation before a serious problem occurs.

Because not all termite infestations are visible, detecting the annoying wood eaters may require a little time and a careful eye. They live and feed in your walls, under your floors and other areas of your home, even your furniture depending on what type of termites you may have. Checking for mud holes and feces piles helps in determining if you have termites.

Detecting early signs of termites requires checking the areas where termites would feed. Checking outside in the garden would show signs in dead leaves, tree stumps and the soil for mud holes. Check, for entranceway into your walls by way of the siding, may sure you have know cracks or spaces for termites to enter. For more info see on Formosan Termites

Check windowsills, basement walls, moldings and doorframes for any sign of feeding activity. These outside areas are crucial and require proper inspection. If you notice any early signs of termites, contact a professional exterminator or do it yourself if you have the proper equipment. The main goal is early detection for prevent serious problems of termites.

By doing monthly checks of your home, you can prevent termite infestations that will cost you more money, not only for the exterminating process, but you may have to replace areas of your home that have received severe damage and become structurally unstable. Knowing the early signs of termite’s helps homeowners detect, protect and prevent total devastation that this pest can cause if allowed to feed on your home or building. Always remember to check your outside wood furniture and the wood decking as well as the hot tub surrounding.

About the Author: You can also find more info on Ground Termites and Termites And Ants. is a comprehensive resource to know about termites.


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

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