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The Christmas Ohio Star

This is a very easy block to make, and very similar to the Ohio Star Block.

The only difference is the Half Square Triangles in the outer corners (instead of Squares).

This is a basic 9-patch.  You have a Square in the middle, Half Square Triangles in the corners, and four Quarter Square Triangles in the remaining spaces.

It is very easy to size this block.  If you want a small block, start with a small square in the center.

Let's figure the math with a 3-inch Square Block in the middle.  (We will use raw figures, which don't include the seam allowance).

To make the Half Square Triangles you add 3/8 of an inch to the square size.  So you would need a light and a dark square cut at 3 3/8 inches to make four Half Square Triangles.

To make the Quarter Square Trianges. you add 3/4 of an inch.  So two Squares measuring 3 7/8 will give you your Quarter Square Triangles.

Remember you get 2  Blocks from each set of squares.

(Be sure and click on the links if you don't remember the process).

Sew the rows together (Ohio Star Block) and you are done.

One final  note:  Your block will lie flatter if you press either the vertical or horizontal seams open (which ever one you sew second). 

It depends on your fabric, and the block size.  This will weaken the quilt a little, but if you are not happy with the way the top looks on this block, or any other 9-patch, it is an option.

Wondering what to do with such a small block?  Put it in a frame, and make it an art piece. 

It can be hard to find square frames.  This one came from The Dollar Store.

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