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The Plaid Block

Here is another block that makes great use of Value

The above block does not have high contrast.  This block would look entirely different done with greater contrast, using colors opposite on the color wheel, like green and red.

This block is easy in that it is composed of only Squares and Rectangles.  The biggest challenge is just the number of pieces  in the block - and accurate cutting, sewing, and careful ironing and handling of the fabric so that it does not stretch the block out of shape.

I have divided the block into grids, although they are easy to see. All the units are squares, except for the four rectangles.

If you wanted to make each unit 2-inches, your rectangle would be cut at 3 1/2 - inches so that it would match the two squares above - which lose 1/2 inch in the seam allowance.

When you sew the pieces together, make sure all the seams go in different directions so you block will be flat and smooth.

There are several ways you can sew these squares and rectangles together.  One way is to first sew together each set of two squares that attach to the rectangles.

Then you can sew the vertical and horizontal rows together.

Another things to note about this block- it is an even plaid.  That means it looks the same no matter which way you turn it.  If it were an uneven plaid, you could turn the block and have more design possibilities.                    

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