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Saving Money Shopping

"Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it do, or Do Without"

There are many ways to save money shopping.  Below you will find many articles to save on shopping retail, at garage sales, on the Internet, and more.


Saving Money in Your Home Office

Avoiding Buyer's Remorse

HGTV vs. The Conservative Homemaker

How Much is In-store "Insurance" Costing You?

Never Pay Retail - Ever!

New and Exciting?... or Old and Dull?

Shopping the Seasonal Sales

Shopping on the Internet and by Catalog

Shopoholics- Fact or Fiction?

Shopping with an Attitude!

Shopping- The "Rule of 3"

The Future of Extreme Couponing

2nd Hand Shopping
2nd Hand Shopping
A Guide To Second Hand Shopping

Save Money on Thrift Store Purchases
Bargain Hunting Strategies
Dumpster Diving  
Finding Decorating Treasures At Garage Sales
Great Bargains at Thrift Stores and Yard Sales
Joys Of Shopping In Thrift Stores
Thrift Store Shopping Tips
Garage Sales
Cha-Ching! Tips for a Successful Day of
Yard Sale Shopping
Frugal Living--Yard Sale Buying and Selling
Yard Sale Etiquette
Garage Sales (cont)
Garage Sale Hints For Displaying Your
Merchandise To Sell More
Saving Money at Yard Sales is Fun
Six Steps To Yard Sale Success
Yard Sale Finds: Turning Trash Into Treasure
10 Things You Never Thought To Buy On EBay
13 Ways To Stay Safe On Ebay
How to Decorate Your Home on EBay
Save Money By Selling Your Junk!
Saving Money With Government Auctions
Craigslist: Big-Hearted Site Makes Life  Easier For All Of Us
Negotiating and Complaints
A Shopper's Guide to Effective Bargaining
Make Your Complaint Heard And Get Results
The Art of Asking


Beating Rebate Rejection

Finding And Applying For Government Grants
How Payment Protection Insurance Could Help You
Shopping Without Dropping; Strategies  for Shopping with Kids   


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Category: | Shopping Help |

Related Links:  | Clothing |

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