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Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Tips To Add Beauty To Your Bathroom

by Scott Gray

Did you know that bathrooms are probably one of the easiest and least expensive rooms in your home to decorate?  Shocked, well don’t be, for many, decorating their bathrooms is always left till last.  This is mainly due to the fact that very few people actually see your bathroom and so it becomes the neglected room.  On the contrary however, it is wise to remember that your bathroom really is an important room, after all it’s the first place you visit when you wake, before you go to sleep and on numerous occasions throughout the day.  So take the time and make it an inviting room.

 The majority of bathrooms lack character, feels cold, and quite simply is uninviting.  It doesn’t have to be this way, with a little thought and imagination you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious, stylish, and comfortable sanctuary.

Where To Start With Your Transformation

·    Color – Choosing the color for your bathroom can be quite daunting.  Too much color can look terrible, while too little can leave your room feeling sterile and unloved.  For a warm and cozy feel why not choose pastels such as peach, apricot, or creams. For a more calming effect, blue is the chosen color and can give your bathroom a feeling of tranquility.  If you are looking for a more restful, quite feel green is an excellent color.  Of course you can always choose neutral white and add color using towels and accessories.

·    Storage – when it comes to bathroom decorating ideas, storage is vital.  Bathroom vanities are ideal for storage and these can include bathroom vanity cabinets, vanity sinks, and vanity tables.  Storage can help hide all those additional bathroom accessories such as extra shampoos, soaps, toilet rolls, and of course if you have kids, their bath toys.

Lighting – the correct lighting can make all the difference when decorating your bathroom.  There are two types of lighting that need to be included and these are ambient lighting for setting a relaxing mood and a dimmer switch is ideal for this.  The second of course is task lighting for grooming.  For large bathrooms ceiling lights can provide ambient lighting.  For grooming you should place lights around your bathroom mirrors.  Lights on both sides of the mirror will prevent shadows, which is important for women who wish to apply   make up.  Using interesting light fixtures can also help to give your bathroom some character.

·     Mirrors – Mirrors are always a welcome addition especially in small bathrooms.  Decorative frames can help to add glamour whilst wooden frames can add warmth.  Mirrors reflect the light and can make a small space appear larger and brighter.

·     Accessories – Accessories for your bathroom can include towels.  Towels can create an entirely new look for any bathroom and the use of colors can add warmth and ambiance.  Shower curtains are another accessory that can instantly transform a bathroom and they are inexpensive.  Your choice of toilet roll holder, toothbrush holder, soap dish and dispenser can also add style.  You should ensure though that the style you choose fits with the overall look of your bathroom design.  Finishes for these accessories can include wood, metallic, and chrome.

·     Luxury touches – Rugs can add a touch of softness for your feet and can also add texture to your bathroom.  Vanity stools or benches can create an area to relax.  Towel warmers are another luxury touch, perfect for those winter days.  Plants and flowers are also a good idea as they can add natural beauty and provide a calming effect.  Scented candles are also becoming very popular and can help to create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.

 Now that you know how to transform your bathroom here are some definite no’s when it comes to bathroom decorating ideas.

Avoid the use of bath mats that look like mini-shag rugs

Never put a colored seat on your toilet as it will only draw attention to the toilet and take away from the overall appearance of your newly decorated bathroom.

Common sense of course should always prevail when decorating your bathroom and if you have small children glass accessories are probably best avoided.   Its up to you now, you have the knowledge and you have the ideas, now all you have to do is put them to use. 

Scott Gray is a freelance author and web site publisher who provides useful information and money saving tips about bathroom vanities, vanity sinks and vanity sets


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