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Designing With Area Rugs Is The Fun Part of Decorating

By Scott Gray

Area rugs are such a versatile design element, you can build your room round them or use them to complement an existing décor.  Decorative rugs can be used to establish or enhance a contemporary, traditional, formal, or casual atmosphere and can look great whether you buy only cheap rugs or are able to pay the earth.  The trick is to select what meets your needs and online retailers that can help you with that task.

Do Your Interests Include Safety and Health?

If you are designing your home with safety and health features in mind, area rugs are perfect for you.

  • You can protect your feet and legs from the strain of standing on floors that are not foot-friendly by adding the comfort of rugs with thick padding to slate, tile, and concrete floors.  Hard floors can exacerbate problems with fallen arches, varicose veins, and arthritis, especially in the kitchen or in any room where you do a lot of standing.
  • Area rugs are preferable to wall-to-wall carpet throughout the home because a lot of moisture in a house is absorbed by carpeting, which can make life miserable for people with allergies or sinus problems and isn’t very good for anyone’s skin.
  • Synthetic materials – unlike natural fabrics, such as wool and cotton – slowly expel gases from the chemicals used in their manufacture, which doesn’t bother most people but can be hard on those who have lung or breathing problems.
  • Area rugs for hard floors and runners for stairs and halls make falls in the home less dangerous and less painful.  Make sure rugs and runners are well anchored with rug pads or rubber backing to ensure they do not slide or wrinkle and cause anyone to trip over them.
  • Rugs are great for absorbing noise, which is good for everyone’s nerves.

Are You Establishing a Decorative Foundation or Adding a Finishing Touch?

Stamp your taste and personality on your home whether you start or end your decorating scheme with rugs.  They can be purchased in every style, pattern, color, size, and shape, and can be custom-made as well.  You are limited only by your imagination.  Investigate the wide variety of rugs in everything from natural wool area rugs and wool blends to synthetics offered by well-respected manufacturers and retailers online such as Couristan, Karastan, Mohawk, Momeni, and Shaw.

 Add unique charm with rugs in the brilliant tribal colors and designs of the southwest or with warm and rural western rugs.  Oriental rugs fit into any décor, and the geometric, floral and curvilinear patterns of contemporary rugs are popular in modern homes.  Decorate with the many exciting textures available; warm, friendly shag is popular again; early American braided is always fun.  Shop for round, rectangular, oval, or octagonal shapes, large and small, in rug colors that reinforce a room’s color scheme or to add clever accents.

 If the rug you want is beautiful, but the color and/or style impact is almost shocking in the drab room you are bringing to life, consider adding some low-cost enhancements by repeating the colors and style in such things as cushion fabric, lamp shades, picture matting, vases, and floral arrangements.

Trying to Economize?

If you want top-notch rugs, you can’t go wrong with hand-made Persian wool, but most people are happy with good quality inexpensive rugs as long as they are in the colors and styles that are suitable.  Look for wholesale area rugs, or those offered at sale prices in machine-woven synthetics.  Remember that without the expense of a storefront operation, online retailers can set lower prices at the outset, and many offer discount prices beyond that.  You can design with area rugs at prices you can afford.  Don’t wait another day!

About the Author:
Scott Gray is currently a freelance writer and enjoys providing tips to consumers who are in the market for an area rug or custom braided rugs.


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