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Scrapbooking Toddler Memories

 by Rachel Paxton

Toddlers give us many opportunities to take great photographs for scrapbooking. I've listed some activities you can do with your toddler that will give you a chance to take some wonderful pictures that will last a lifetime. If you haven't gotten out much lately, use these ideas to spark your imagination and have some fun with your little ones!

- Haircuts
- Swimming lessons
- Throwing rocks in the river
- Christmas, Easter
- 4th of July, family reunions
- Riding tricycle
- Flying a kite
- Blowing bubbles
- Playing in sandbox
- Playing at playground
- Picnics
- Playing in the sprinklers
- Fingerpainting
- Birthday parties
- Helping dad
- Camping
- Going to the zoo
- Visiting grandparents or great-grandparents
- Eating popsicles
- Playing with pets

  Remember to always take more pictures than you think you'll need and invest in a large memory card for your digital camera (they're cheap). When trying to capture photos of my toddlers. I've found that only half of my pictures turn out because the boys move so fast! You can always delete the ones you don't want later. Have fun picture'll get some of your best candid shots at this age.

 Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom of four. For scrapbooking, card making, gift-giving ideas, and more family memory-making activities, visit   


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Category:  Hobbies

Related Links | Hobbies | Scrapbooking Frugal Quilting and Lessons |

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