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Great Scrapbooking Ideas

By Syahrul Azlan Idris

Are you in a rut and searching for something to get you driven or are you simply looking for a few fresh themes to try? Here are several great ideas to assist you get cracking:

* Make a scrapbook design utilizing the coloring outline of light blue, brown, and cream.

* Delineate your title with a glue pen and scatter glitter all over it.

* Create your personal modeled paper using impressions and 2 tones of ink. Apply a heavier backdrop impression with the lighter color and utilize softer stamps with the blacker shade.

* Draw an ample wave along the cover of your set up. Use a needle to perforate equally distributed holes along the wave. Utilize a needle and thread to stitch along the holes.

* Create a hodgepodge of small squares along your layout.

* Get a picture of the interior of your car and build a design about it.

* Build a design applying assorted shades of red ink.

* Do a layout employing this outline.

* Create a unique design about shoes.

* Create a layout about your loved recipe. Have somebody take a photograph of you cooking it and include that in addition to a transcript of the recipe on the design.

* Do not care to cook? Build a design about your preferred eating place. Include a photograph of yourself eating at that place.

* There are fifty states in the U.S.A.. Create a design about the ones you have traveled to or want to visit.

* Narrate your loved story on a design with at least 3 paragraphs of journaling.

* Get hold of your favored vacation card that you received this year and replicate its pattern onto a design.

* Scribble or hand journal on your design with 5 assorted colors of pens.

* If you have not already made it, create a design about the 9/11 tragedy or a different catastrophe in modern history.

* Do you have dozens of ABC stickers without sufficient letters of the alphabet left to make a word? Mix letters from all contrasting remaining ABC stickers to create your title.

* Have somebody else make out the journaling on your design in their personal script. I advise that you cut a patch of cardstock for them and pass them the right pen.

* Get hold of a design of your home. Re-create it and lay it onto a sheet of cardstock. Arrange a photograph of each room onto its division of the design.

* If you are not an American and do not wish to scrap about states, utilize a map of your own nation and scrap about which regions you'd like to travel to.

* Build a design about a grandparent or great grandparent who's passed away.

* Tour your preferred coffee bar chain. Search around the shop and discover something to prompt a design. Sketch it whilst savoring a hot drink.

* Do you create layouts about your garden? Lay aside a few seeds and bond the real seeds to your design. Coat them with whatever type of adhesive if you're concerned about them holding up.

Enjoy scrapbooking!

About the Author: Azlan Irda is a co-founder of, where you can get all scrapbook supplies at the best prices. Visit us for all your scrapbooking needs.


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Category:  Hobbies

Related Links | Hobbies | Scrapbooking Frugal Quilting and Lessons |

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