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Saving On Child Entertainment

by Debra Jacobson

When it comes to your kids you know them best. You know what makes them smile. The younger your children are the easier they are to entertain. The funny thing about one-year-old children and their birthday parties is the reactions and the expense. If you have kids then you have been there; everyone gets together to celebrate your child turning one, they buy presents (and you go all out), there is a huge cake, your whole family is there, and the moon bounce is inflated. You have spared no expense in creating the perfect Happy First Birthday celebration for your first child, and what happens, your baby is more excited by the boxes and wrapping paper than anything else at the celebration. After it is said and done you wish you had just wrapped a big box in tinsel and shiny paper and sang .happy birthday.; after all, your child would have enjoyed that just as much. You swear to never do this again.

The most amazing thing about kids is their imagination and their ability to create their own fun. They can take the simplest items and create hours of entertainment from it. If you have children that are five years old and younger than this is the perfect opportunity for you to make simplistic celebrations with minimal expense and creatively organized arrangements. Once you come to the realization that your children want your time and not your money, you.ll have money left in your pockets and all the joy you need.

Simplicity is a virtue when it comes to children. You can arrange birthday (or any holiday celebration) with very little money, as long as you can plan for the available time to create craft-stations, water balloon tosses, three-legged races, mask making and face painting, and other creative and inexpensive ideas then you have the whole day in the bag. Even the expense of a big cake can be avoided, for birthdays, by making dozens of cupcakes with a simple layer of icing on top and then create a .make-and-decorate your own cupcake. station; the kids go nuts for it and it.s as easy (and cheap) as making little cupcakes and buying sprinkles and candies. As long as you, and a few other Moms., can come together with ideas, tips, and time, then you (and every other Mom you know) can have amazing and inexpensive celebrations for their kids on every occasion just by coming together and being creative.

Utilize the tools you have; the internet, craft books, Mom-to-Mom communication, and even local craft groups, and you will create some amazing times for your children while saving money and giving them memories that will last a lifetime.

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