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Super Moms Secrets For Saving Money on Groceries

By Blair Critch

Food prices are on the rise today with no signs of leveling off. Many people are wondering if they could be saving money on groceries for their everyday items as well as some splurges as well. There are still some grocery bargains to be found out there if you know where and how to look, and we have some handy tips that any mom or individual can use.

First, remember that saving money on groceries starts before you leave home. Make a plan of what meals you need to prepare for the week, including lunches and snacks. Check your cupboards and refrigerator and make a list of the things you'll need. You won't be saving money on groceries if you buy unnecessary items or find you need to run down to the corner store for forgotten items. You can also check the items you need on your list versus what coupons you have and what you see in the weekend circulars in your newspaper. Make sure you stick to your list, and the only items you can buy that aren't on the list are ones that are on sale and that are a bargain, and that you know you'll need later on.

If you don't yet buy in bulk, it's time to start. If you go through items like rice, flour, sugar, soup, and items that keep a long time very frequently, you can buy larger quantities for less money. Consider an investment in a warehouse club as an investment in saving money on groceries; the few dollars it costs for the membership every year is worth the money you'll save. Remember that you can always walk through one of these stores to check out their prices and items available before actually purchasing a club card.

Part of saving money on groceries is making your food go farther each meal. Trying having a small bowl of inexpensive soup before every dinner. This will fill you up and have you less hungry for the more expensive main dish. Forego meat in your dinner at least once per week and opt for items like stuffed peppers, soup and salad, or a large omelet instead. Some even enjoy a nice pancake dinner every once in awhile, which of course is much cheaper than a steak! You can also be saving money on groceries by reducing how much meat you use in other dishes; cut back on meat in spaghetti and lasagna, soups and stew, and so on.

You could also be saving money on groceries by using a crock pot to cook cheaper cuts of meat and marinade or seasoning mixes. These give a lot more flavor to cheaper dishes so that you don't miss the more expensive cuts of meat. You can also use seasoning mixes so that cheaper brands of items like spaghetti sauces and soups are tastier.

Many have found that saving money on groceries means cooking more things themselves rather than relying on pre-packaged and precooked dishes. This might mean more time in the kitchen chopping vegetables and preparing items but it can add up to savings in the long run. When you do cook, make enough for two or three dinners or meals and freeze the other portions. You can then reheat these items for another dinner or for snacks, which means you're saving money on groceries as food won't go to waste.

To really help, start a price book for your grocery shopping. Compare prices at local grocery stores as well as the warehouse clubs and places like this. Keep track of what you're spending as well. When you see how you're saving money on groceries by putting forth some effort with clipping coupons, shopping around, and preparing items yourself, you may find that you actually enjoy the effort you put into this endeavor.

About the Author: Married with two children: Jeremiah (4) and Noah (2) Former Kindergarten Teacher Current Home Maker/Entrepreneur


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Category: Kitchen: Frugal Tips

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