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Saving Money in Your Home Office

By Alyssa Davis

Although a home office can be a great convenience, sometimes they can also be an expensive area of your home. Depending on how you use your home office, it could be a technology-intensive area. Even if it's not, office furniture and the never-ending need for office supplies might make you feel as though your office expenses never end. Fortunately, there are some easy and quick ways that you can help reduce your overall expenses, thus saving money in your home office. If you'd like to get your home office budget under control, here are a few tips that can help.

Buy Frequently-Used Items in Bulk

Although you certainly don't want to buy 10,000 rubber bands if you don't use them frequently just to save a few dollars, you can definitely save money by buying bulk quantities of the supplies you use most frequently. For example, if your home office is used to print out school homework assignments and documents for work, chances are you go through quite a bit of basic printer paper and ink cartridges. If you are constantly purchasing a single pack of paper, you are actually wasting money. Most office supply stores will provide you with a good deal of savings if you buy a box of paper instead of a single package. Although the cost of printer ink is usually an unavoidable and sometimes sizeable expense, there are also some things you can do to economize. If your printer has seen better days, you might be paying more than you need for ink, especially if it's now difficult to find ink cartridges for your printer model. Home printers are usually quite affordable, and many newer models are specifically designed to use ink more efficiently. It could be well worth your while to simply donate your old printer to charity, and purchase a new one for your home office. In addition to greater printer efficiency, you might also be able to claim the charity donation on your taxes. When buying ink cartridges, look for bulk quantity packs, since they are usually more cost efficient as compared to buying individually packaged cartridges. Frequently you can find even better deals online as compared to your local office supply store.

Make Smart Furniture Choices

Choosing furniture for your home office is an important decision, especially if you use the office space frequently. Although you might be tempted to try to save money by purchasing low-quality furniture pieces, this is actually not in your best interest. Low-quality furniture pieces such as desks or desk chairs often fall apart prematurely. Additionally, sometimes the less expensive pieces simply do not have the ergonomically friendly features commonly found in higher quality chairs and desks. Buying a good desk and chair can actually save you money in the long run, while also helping to protect your family's health. However, quality might not be quite as important in the case of smaller or less frequently used furniture pieces, such as a small bookcase or waste baskets. By shopping for bargains in these areas, you might be able to save enough money to splurge on a really great chair or desk.

Energy-Efficient Lighting Choices

A good source of light is very important in a home office. Inadequate light levels can be the source of eye strain or headaches, and could even pose a safety risk. When choosing lamps and light fixtures for your home office, look for those designed to operate in the most energy-efficient way. Then, equip your lamps and lights with energy efficient bulbs. You can also save on energy costs in the home office by always turning off your equipment and lights when you leave the room.

Author, Alyssa Davis, is number one design specialist on decorating with yard metal wall decor and wrought iron door toppers.

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