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Saving Money on Gasoline

By Nikki Willhite

Many people will be doing a lot more driving this summer. Here are some tips to help you make the most of every bit of gas that you buy!

*Don't spend extra money on super high octane gas if your car doesn't need it. Read your owner's manual, or call the dealer.

*Don't bother to warm up your car. Just start out slow.

*Keep your car running efficiently by keeping up the maintenance on your vehicle and going in for those tune-ups.

*Keep your tires properly inflated.

*Drive smoothly, avoid rapid acceleration and braking.

*Drive at a moderate speed, and in high gear.

*Use cruise control on the open road, when safe.

*Take advantage of downward slopes to build momentum for when you go up again.

*Don't carry unnecessary weight in your car. You will burn more gas.

*Make your car as aerodynamic as possible. Remove car accessories like bike and luggage racks when you are not using them, and keep your windows rolled up.

*When you have to wait for more than one minute in one place, turn off the engine.


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