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5 Ways To Save Money While Planning Your Wedding

By Yasmin Shikina

1. Instead of floral centerpieces think about candles or colored stones. Line the bottom of a vase with colored stones. Set a candle or a few stems of your favorite flower (most likely this will be the flower chosen as your theme in your bridal bouquets). One bride used her centerpiece as wedding favors. She planted a flower, in this case a daffodil, each in a pot and put them in the center of the table. It not only made a beautiful centerpiece but each guest took home a lovely plant to remember the joyous occasion.

2. Afternoon weddings, Sunday mornings, or Fridays are not premium times and therefore you can get a break on the prices. Brides and Grooms are now thinking outside the box. Garden weddings or Brunch style weddings are very sophisticated and can be very entertaining. This also allows time for the happy couple to unwind before taking off for their honeymoon or spending quality time with close friends and family after the party.

3. Take some time to educate yourself on flowers. Flowers that are out of season or a special color are more expensive. Talk with your floral designer and ask what flowers are in season in your color scheme. There is so much out there to choose from without costing much.

4. Consider making your own favors. Favors are not meant to be expensive. They are a token of gratitude for your guest. Packets of seeds attached to a note of thanks or a special poem or saying goes a long way.

5. Alcohol can be very expensive and a cash bar is out of the question. Depending on your guest, wine can be served during dinner by the wait staff while beer and soft drinks can be available at the bar. This can keep your bar expense under control.

Planning a wedding is exciting and fun as well as a lot of work. In order to stay within budget keep all receipts and make sure you know how your money is being spent. Be flexible and think outside the box. Remember skimp in some places, so that you can splurge in others and things will turn out great!


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Category:  Romance

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