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Shopping the Seasonal Sales

By Nikki Willhite

Maximize your Money with Seasonal Shopping

We all know that certain items go on sale at different times of the year.

Here is a list of items that regularly go on sale- when and why. Most of these are common sense. Most items go on sale at the beginning of the season they are used in, due to competition. They also go on sale at the end of the season during clearance sales. There are also traditional sales, probably started to fill in the gaps, and inventory clearance sales at the end of the year on almost everything.


*Winter clothes- inventory clearance of clothes, shoes, boots, purses and other seasonal items.
*Holiday Clearance- the festivities are over for while. Look for sales on all holiday or festive items.
*This is a great time to buy wedding gifts or gifts for children.
*January White Sale- The traditional sale for linens, towels, bedding, etc.


This is a slow month for retailers. Look for sales in popular sellers like
*Household items, Furniture and other Textiles
*Household items, Furniture and other Textiles



*Garden Supplies- Competition brings down the prices this month.
*Luggage- competition as people prepare for vacations.
*Spring Clothing and Shoe competition.
*Storm Windows are now off season with better price negotiation.
*Winter Outdoor recreation equipment - going out of season.


*Lots of new, seasonal clothes.
*Clearance on Easter dresses and accessories, as well as men's suits and ties.


*Traditional White Sales on linens, blankets, towels, etc
*Spring Cleaning competition on supplies. Good time to buy a mop!
*Tires- competition as people start preparing their cars for vacations.
*Home Maintenance items,as the season begins to spruce up homes.
*Spring competition in buying new handbags, replacing lingerie, other light clothing.


*Summer clothing.  
*Television sets.
*Refrigerators- got to have a good one in the summer.
*Continued sales on home improvement products.
*Large items like pianos are not selling and very negotiable.


*Clearance begins for summer clothes, bathing suits, and other light wear
*Clearance on air conditioners.
*Home appliances-more home improvement competition.
*Rugs and carpets- home improvement competition.
*Fuel oil- refill competition.
*Radios and stereo equipment- summer fun.
*Summer sports equipment sales. (like camping equipment)
*Used cars.


*Furniture, lamps, and other household items-last shopping trip before winter competition.
*Traditional White Sales (as above).
*Clearance on outdoor sport equipment.
*Clearance on seasonal items such as barbecues, air conditioners, fans, lawn mowers.
*School Supplies - competition.
*Outer Wear Competition . *Summer clothes clearance .
*New car clearance to get ready for the new models.


*Back to School Items: Clothes & Supplies.
*Gardening Supplies (the end of the season close-out).
*Household Accessories, such as rugs, lamps and dishes.
*Bicycles and Car parts.


*Fishing Season- Supplies.
*School clothes and supplies clearance (stock up for next year).
*Cars- getting ready for the new models.
*Finer household items like crystal and silver- in anticipation of the holidays.


*Winter is Coming Items- Coats, Boots, Gloves, etc.
*Quilts and Blankets.
*Heating Devices and Appliances.


*Toys- lots of competition to bring down the prices.
*Winter Items to keep warm still on sale.
*Festive Occasion Items on sale-Tablecloths, gift items, party ware.
*Day after Christmas Markdowns- Everything from toys and wrapping paper to clothes.


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Category: | Shopping Help |

Related Links:  | Clothing |

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