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Great Big Ideas for Little Jars


By Leslie Sausage

Do you have some little jars from baby food, pimentos or bouillon? Think you can't do much with them? Think again!

These are great for simple gift ideas, great for storage of small items, and can be used in the craft room or at your desk.

Simple Gift Ideas

-Decorate with stickers and glitter paint. Fill them with chocolate hugs and kisses. Make a gift tag, "Here are your hugs and kisses!" Share them with a friend!

-Make a "Snowman Kit". Fill the jar with cotton balls. Cut two tiny mittens from felt. Put them along the inside of the jar so they show. Cut a scarf from a piece of cotton fabric, fringe the ends and wrap it around the outside of the lid. Make a hat using the toe of an orphaned sock. It works great! Use a rubber band to attach the hat over the top of the jar so that the jar looks like it is wearing a hat. Make a gift tag, such as "I couldn't send you snowman by mail without it melting so here is your kit to make your own".

-Great for single servings for friends, teachers or coworkers. These little jars hold one serving of soup or cocoa mixes and two servings of coffee and tea mixes. Fill the jar with cocoa, coffee or tea mixes and package them with mugs, spoons, or candy canes. Make a gift tag with instructions.

Other Big Ideas for Little Jars

-Use for homemade bath salts, scrubs and salves. -Store something pretty and inspirational like small shells from your last beach trip. -Store special homemade herb or seasoning mixes.

In the Craft Room

-Use for storing and sorting beads. -Use for storing or mixing paints. -Use for storing and sorting screws and other small bits of hardware. -Contain small bits of anything, such as buttons, bobbins, straight pins, etc.

At Your Desk

-Contain paperclips, push pins or a pencil sharpener in a little jars to keep them from getting lost.

So, gather up those little jars and get them ready for some great big ideas!

Source of ideas: Erin, Busy-Nancy, Dee, Judy and Becky

Leslie Sausage is a freelance writer and mom who is the author of  several e-books. For more creative, practical and fun ideas for your  home visit Frugal Homemaker at


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Category:  Hobbies

Related Links | Hobbies | Scrapbooking Frugal Quilting and Lessons |

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