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A Grandpa's Ideas For Fun With Kids

By Richard Killey

Children love to play. And grandpas love to play with them. Here are some fun ideas on how to have inexpensive fun with your grandchildren.

(1) Find a stick. There is so much you can do with a stick. Just a plain old ordinary stick. One that used to be part of a tree. You can draw in the sand. You can get the dog to chase it. Use your imagination for other ideas. Cost $0.

(2) Save plastic containers. Save all the plastic margarine containers, and yogurt containers, etc. You can use them to put things in, you can pile them up (try stacking them in a triangular pattern), you can have a contest where you try to toss things into them, and more. Cost $0.

(3) Dollar store stuff. You will come to love your dollar store. There is so much neat stuff for just a $1. Be it for crafts, or playing house (or the new version - playing office!), or just unique games. Cost $1 per item.

(4) Old phones. Get an old phone or two. Do you have one of those old dial type phones. The young kids are confused. Where are the buttons? Or, get some old cell phones and use them like walkie-talkies. Cost $0.

(5) Cat, or maybe a dog. Tired of playing dress up with dolls? Try a cat instead. Especially one that desperately needs a nap. The kids love the effects and faces. No doll can do that. Cost $0. (well, possibly a scratch if they are too much awake)

(6) Toilet paper. Now we get to the REAL fun. Wrap each other up like mummys. Or use it to cordon off areas, like police tape. Or just strew it all over the living room before mom gets home. That always creates a laugh and helps you bond with the kids. Cost - not sure - check with the dollar store!

(7) Mashed potatoes. Did the family have mashed potatoes for supper last night? The left-overs can be used like modeling clay. Sculpt to your heart's content, and then top it off with a "Sculpture Eating Contest". Cost $0.

There you have it. Seven (7) ways to have free or low cost fun. From the creative to the messy. And if the above seven just don't do it for you, I have one more suggestion. Just one word. A word that would strike fear into any sane mother, and at the same time make a kid delirious. Flour.

(p.s. and since you are the grandpa, you get to go home afterwards!!!)

 Grandpa Richard (aka Richard Killey) is a father of 3 and grandfather of 2, who loves having fun. For more articles about children (some fun, some serious) visit today.


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