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Planning for Retirement

By Nikki Willhite

Find a way to do it now

The average life expectancy is now close to 90 years old. Many people retire when they are 60 years old. How many years does that give you to save for the time when you will not be working? Itís scary. If you wait too long before you start to save, it will be too late. You will be retired, and broke.

Do not let this happen to you. Sure, you know people that have dropped dead at age 59 from a massive heart attack. You rationalize "Iím living for today". You think that you wonít need the money as much later as you do now.

Can you be sure of that? What if you do live a long life. How do you want to live that life? Do you want to risk being very poor? You canít count on the government to bail you out. I donít want to get into the national economy or politics. I just want to point out that you need to take personal responsibility for your future, and you need to start saving, as soon as possible.

Everyoneís budget is different. I donít know where you can look to try and find some money to put away. I do know that Americans buy too many things. How can we help it? Look what we are up against- million dollar advertising campaigns, stores stockpiled with alluring things to buy Items displayed in the most enticing manner possible.

How do we learn to say "no" to ourselves? Where do we find the self control to think of the future instead of the present? How do we police ourselves?

Here are some ideas to help you in this area:

When you go shopping, leave your wallet and charge cards at home. Take
only the amount of money with you that you plan to spend.

Keep only one charge card, for emergencies and necessity. If you must have several charge cards, try to keep the limits on them low (Try telling that to your bank!)

Do not let feelings of deprivation cause you to spend money. If you are not allotting money for entertainment in your budget, you will try and compensate by excess spending, which will be more expensive.

Try and change your mindset about stores. Instead of thinking they are Candyland, vision them as a place that is doing everything in itís power to take every cent they can away from you . If you go shopping with the attitude " I have this much money to buy a certain item" and you follow your plan, then enjoy not only the shopping experience, but the completion of your goal.

Here are five questions to ask yourself if you feel tempted to buy something that you havenít planned to buy. Let your answers be your guide. Be honest with yourself.

1. Do I really need this item?
2. Do I need it today?
3.What will happen if I donít buy this item?
4. Is there any way I can substitute something I already have for this?
5.Will I be glad I bought this tomorrow?

Here is an amazing statistic. If you start planning for your retirement at age 30- and save in the $200 a month range- you will retire a millionaire. If you wait until you are 40- you will have to save in the $600 range!

Nothing is as powerful as time and compound interest. Save now!

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Category:  Money

Related Links | BudgetingCreditDebt |
| Identity Theft
| Investing | Retirement |

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