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Category:  Home Improvement

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Restoring Your Bath Tub

By Scott Rodgers

The bath is one of the most peaceful places in the house; somewhere you can go to escape from the pressures of the world and relax in soothing hot water. It is a particularly wonderful place in the cold of winter where you can forget about the howling cold wind outside and read a good book or listen to relaxing music. The great news, therefore, particularly if you children who like to have a somewhat more exciting time in the bath with perhaps planes dive bombing into the water, is that if there is a problem with the appearance of your bath, chances are, it can be easily fixed.

You may have a beautiful old acrylic bath, one that you have treasured for years, and that you thoroughly enjoy. Now if it gets a scratch, it will be the same as if your car got a scratch. It is an obvious flaw that will eat away at your patience with every glance you take. So, just like a car, you can apply car polish and gently apply it to the surface using a soft cloth.

This is great news, but if you get a small chip, this can look a lot more serious, and you may be worried that this is the end of your beautiful bath's appearance. But no, again just like a car, you can fix it with a two-part car repair filler. It may come off as strange, but it fixes the problem and is inexpensive when compared to using a professional. Mix the filler as per the instructions, just as if you were applying to a car, and mix in a small amount of acrylic paint so that it is the same color as the bath tub. Apply the filler and leave it to harden, then use a very fine wet and dry sandpaper, keeping it wet while you sand. Just make sure that you do this very carefully as you don't want to scratch another part of your bath.

Sadly, if a big piece is missing from the tub, a professional is needed. When they come, make sure that you get a quote for the repair as this can be quite expensive.

The solution for a small chip in an enamel bath tub is even more interesting. You can use nail polish. Yes, it's true, everyday nail polish. Even though enamel is very hard and has a surface like glass, you'll find that if it is hit, it can chip. If this results in a larger chip, then you'll need to use an epoxy resin repair kit, but make sure that there is no rust first as you will need to get rid of this using a rust remover. Then after applying and wiping away any excess, you'll need to leave the bath for an hour before smoothing with a fine sandpaper, again taking great care not to damage other areas of the bath tub. You can then use enamel paint, sanding in between each application until you have achieved the same color as the rest of the bath tub.

If your tub requires a new surface, it is possible to do it alone. However if you are new to plumbing, it is suggested that a professional handle the problem. Discuss with them whether they are going to do the job at your house or whether they are going to take it away to their factory. If you do it yourself, do wear protective clothing and remember to close and seal the doors and windows for two days after completing the job so as to avoid the possibility of insects of dust affecting the quality of the finished product.

Scott Rodgers is a recently retired plumber and is passionate about helping you to keep your bathrooms looking great. Read more articles written by experienced plumbers at


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Category:  Home Improvement Related Links: 

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